Portrait of Frederick Jackson Turner Frontispiece

    Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Oliver

    Original Title-Page of Cotton Mather’s The Accomplished Singer

    Revised Title-Page of Cotton Mather’s The Accomplished Singer

    Increase Mather’s Attestation in Cotton Mather’s The Accomplished Singer

    Leaflet Reproducing a Public Act of the University of Franeker, Conferring upon Thomas Parker the Degree of Master of Philosophy

    A Particular Account of the Present Stated Exercises Enjoyned the Students,” at Harvard College, 1723

    Harvard Text-Books of the Seventeenth Century

    Plate I, Title-Page of Volume III of Alsted’s Scientiarum Omnium Encyclopaedia

    Plate II, Title-Page of William Ames’s De Conscientia

    Plate III, Title-Page and Fly-Leaf of William Ames’s Medulla

    Plate IV, Fly-Leaf, Showing Students’ Inscriptions, of Hebrew Old Testament

    Plate V, Title-Page of Bucan’s Institutiones Theologicae

    Plate VI, Title-Page and Fly-Leaf of Cicero’s De Officiis

    Plate VII, Title-Page of Coeleman’s Opus Prosodicum Graecum Novum

    Plate VIII, Title-Page of Henry Dunster’s Copy of Euclid

    Plate IX, Title-Page of Henry Dunster’s Copy of Godwyn’s Romanae Historiae Anthologia

    Plate X, Title-Page of Heereboord’s Meletemata Philosophica

    Plate XI, Title-Pages of Keckermann’s Systema Logicae and of Bartholin’s Physiologica Peripatetica

    Plate XII, Title-Page, with Fly-Leaf, of Maccovius’s Distinctiones

    Plate XIII, Title-Page, with Fly-Leaf, of Manuzzio’s Phrases Linguae Latinae

    Plate XIV, Page from Pelgrom’s Synonymorum Sylva

    Plate XV, Title-Pages of Schickard’s Horologium Hebraeum and of Downame’s Commentaries on Ramus’s Dialectica

    Plate XVI, Title-Page of Julius Caesar Scaliger’s De Subtilitate

    First Page of News from the Moon

    Defoe’s Review, Volume VII, Edinburgh Number 14

    Half-Title of Defoe’s Review, Volume VI, Edinburgh Issue