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             June 11, 2021


    Border Controls: Trading Posts and Harbor Forts

    Sam Slattery, William and Mary, Harbor Forts, the Policed Atlantic, and the Struggle for Power in British America

    Eric Trautman-Mosher, University of New Hampshire, Trading Places: Native Consumers and British Merchants in an Eighteenth-Century Empire of Goods

    Bodies and Souls: Religious Freedom and Social Controls in Early America

    Anna Todd, University of Pennsylvania, The Ties that Bind: Illegitimacy in Early America 

    Erik Nordbye, Harvard University, Faith-Based Capitalism: Religious Dissenters and the Struggle against Church Taxes in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts

    Identity Politics: Personal Loyalties and Ideological Attachments in the Age of Revolution

    Jamie MacPherson, University of Stirling (Scotland), John Adams:  Friendship and Politics 1774-1801

    Russell Weber, University of California at Berkeley, American Feeling: Political Passions and Emotional Identity in the Early Republic, 1754-1797

    Moderator Linda K. Kerber, May Brodbeck Professor in the Liberal Arts and Professor of History Emerita, Lecturer in Law, University of Iowa

    87 Mount Vernon Street
    Boston Massachusetts


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