23 June, 1715

    George by the Grace of God &c To all to whom these prsents shall come Greeting

    know yee that Wee of Our especiall Grace certain knowledge and meer mocon have Given And Granted and by these prsents Do give and Grant unto Our Trusty and Welbeloved Samuel Woodward Esqr the Office or place of Secretary of our Province of Massachuset’s Bay in New England in America And him the said Samuel Woodward Secretary of Our said Province of Massachuset’s Bay in New England in America Wee do make Ordain and constitute by these prsents To have hold Exercise and enjoy the said Office or place unto the said Samuel Woodward by himself or his sufficient Deputy or Deputys (for whom he shall be answerable) for and during Our pleasure and his residence Within Our said Province with all Fees Rights profits priviledges and advantages Whatsoever thereunto belonging in as full and ample manner as any Secretary of Our said Province hath heretofore held and enjoyed or of right ought to have held and enjoyed the same provided always that if the said Samuel Woodward shall not transport himself to Our said Province of Massachuset’s Bay in New England in America within the space of nine months from the date of these prsents or if he shall be absent from Our said Province for the space of one month at any one time from the time of his arrivall there without Our especiall Leave and licence under Our Signet or Sign Manual in that behalf first had and obtained Then and in such case these Our Letters Patents and every thing herein contained shall cease Determine and be void any thing herein contained to the contrary thereof in any Wise notwithstanding In witness &c. Witnesse Our self at Westminster the twenty third day of June.

    De Concessione Woodware Armigero Officium

    By Writt of Privy Seal

    Public Record Office, Patent Roll, 1 George I, Part 10, No. 4.