Chapter 1

Of Physicks or Naturall Phylosophy In Generall

[OF Physicks in Generall, note its Definition and Division.1]

1. Definition. Physicks is Science of Natural body; as Natural. In this observe the Genus and Difference.

1. Genus, Science, haveing all its Requisites (as is Shewed in the Preface).

2. Difference (From Other Sciences) taken from the Object [Body, as naturall, the formality or difference of this object lyes in the words] (as natural). Materially natural body may be the Object of Several Arts, and Sciences; as, of Mathematicks—(as Measurable) Opticks (as Visible) Medacine (as healable) etc: But formally as Natural is the proper object of physicks only. By Natural is meant haveing Mater and form conjoyned, and diverse affections, Accidents, or Properties consiquent upon that conjunction, (as is after more fully Shew’n.)

Medicine, opticks, Mathematicks all.

Of body treat; Physicks as natural.

2. Division or Physicks into two Parts

General, and


1. The General Part treats of Natural body in General, with its Generall principles and affections.

2. The Special part is of the Several Species thereof distinctly considered either distributively, or Collectively.

1. Distributively, and Seperate, and So natural body is [3] either

2. Collectively, (or joyned into one Mass,) and So Natural Bodyes considered are called World, (or Universe.)

Bodyes into their Several Kinds disperse,

Or [els] collect, and call it Universe.