Chapter 29

Of Secondary Affections. Awake, and Sleep

SECONDARY Affections are in the Animal by means of the former, which do first, and Immediately affect them the Most notable are Awaking, Sleeping.1

1. Waking is a State of the Animall, or mode of Existing wherein it can freely exercise the opperations of the Senses; this is one of the (Per se nota) things known by themselves, and Indemonstrable, because of them we can have no greater Evidence.

2. Sleep a State or mode of [Existing] wherein the Exterior Senses, and that which is cal’d Common sens are obstructed in their operations, for the health of the Animall, and restauration of Spirits. Tis caus’d by the Steams of food and blood ascending into the brain, by whose coldness they are Said to be condensed into moysture which obstructs the passages of the Spirits that they cannot freely permeate to the Organs of Sens. But it Seams rather that nature intending but one work at once causes those vapours to lye, and ferment with the Spirits allready formed, and by their mixture the finner parts are volatilized into the Same nature with the Spirits. So that as blood makes blood by Circulating the Chile with it. So Spirits make Spirits by their fermenting togather with this Vaporous matter: and while this work is in doing they have not leisure to attend the Senses. And thus the continual Evaporation of Spirits is recruted, and the Animall is revived, and refreshed.

Waking’s a state of th’ Exercise of Sens.

Sleep dos recrute the Spirits great expence

An Adjunct of Sleep is dream, which is the active fancyes entertaining itself (while it hath nothing else to do) with the Phantasms layd up in the memory, or newly formed out of the ascending steams. Which because it dos propose to itself no orderly design in working, are therefore very confused, and independent, much like the Impertinent thoughts of an idle and unemploied person; the Discourses of Impertinent visitants, the running of Children, the frisking of Lambs and Kids when they have no design, but by Instinct are inclin’d only to Exercise themselves, no matter wherein, or after what manner.

Dreams are the frisks of fancy without End,

Only a little Idle time to Spend.

In men dreams are not only the operations of fancy, but Somtimes also [of] the Intellect, and then there is more order, and connection in the Ideas. These are either natural, or Supernatural.

1. Naturall, when Excited by naturall Causes Such are Strong impressions made by late business or Intelligence [of] more than ordinary concern, or the humours of the body notably alter’d, and dispos’d, either to health or Sickness.

2. Supernaturall, and those are either divine or Diabolicall.

1. Divine dreams from God. or Good Angels, Exciting species, and presenting them to the fancy or Intellect; this [was] one of the wayes of revelation and prophesy.

2. Diabolicall when the like is done by Evill Spirits insinuating themselves among those humours, and Steams, and forming out of them Such Phantasms as disturb, and truble, and so hinder Sound Sleep, and Impaire the health, or else Such as may tempt to (at least the Shaddows of) vice, which have a kind of tendency to confirm habits of Sin, and therefore Should be matter of repentence, not as formall acts of Sin, but as tokens and Cherrishers of imbred corruption.

Mens dreams have reasons mixtures; [Gods] infusions

Or Satans tempting, troubling curst delusions.

And thus much of the Sensative natural body in Generall now of the Species thereof brute, and man.