Conco. 13. ac ultima.}

    26. Apr. 1691

    53 Isa. 5. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. (Doctr.) Our Transgressions & our iniquities were ye causes why Christ Jesus was wounded & bruised. We have (1) more generally made some uses & application of what has been insisted on each sermon (2) More particularly we are setting our selves to a conclusion of this subject in a particular application of each question under this doctrine. (1. Q) What is meant by wounding & bruising? (2 Q) Who was wounded and bruised? (3 Q) Who wounded & bruised him? Thus far we have gone & been particular in making application of these points. We should now come to the application of the

    1. 4. Quest. What were his Wounds & Bruises? But yt would make me too tedious upon this subject if I have not been so already: I will therefore draw to a conclusion: & come to make some application of the
    2. 5. Quest: Lastly: Why was Christ thus Wounded & Bruised?
    3. Answ: For our Transgressions, & for our iniquities. Text. But he was wounded for our Transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities.
    4. 1. To bear ye punishment due to our sins. 4. Ro. ult. He was delivered for our offences. We for our sins were to be wounded & bruised for ever: but Christ Jesus steps in & susteins Wounds & bruises to deliver us therefrom.
    5. 2. To Reconcile us to God. Sin has put us far off from God, but now by the suffering of Christ, God is appeased, & we are brought nigh unto God. 2. Eph. 13. Ye who somtimes were far off, are made nigh by the blood of Christ. Christ hath paved us a new & living way to the throne of grace, by his own most pretious blood. 14. Joh. 6. Jesus saith unto him, I am ye way, & ye truth, & ye life; no man cometh unto ye Father but by me. Sequemur, Domine, Te, per Te, ad Te: Te, quia veritas: per Te, quia via: Ad Te, quia Vita. Bernard.68 And He is a new & living way. 10. Hebr. 19. 20. i.e. a way as fresh, & effectual at all times as if Christ were but newly sacrificed. Tam recens mihi nunc Christus est, ac si hac hora fudisset sanguinem. Luther.69
    6. 3. To justify us before God. 2. Gal. ult. If righteousness come by ye Law, then Christ is dead in vain. Because he attained not his end in dying, which was to merit for us remission of sin, & imputation of his righteousness for our justification.
    7. 4. To Sanctify us & purge us from iniquity. 5. Eph. 25. 26. 27. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved his Church, & gave himself for it: yt he might Sanctify & cleanse it &c. The cleansing of ye holy Spirit in way of sanctification is a precious fruit of ye Death of Christ.
    8. 5. Last: to say no more. To purchase us Eternal life. 3. Joh. 14. 15. 16. As Moses lifted up ye Serpent in ye wilderness, even so must ye Son of Man be lifted up: that whosoever beleiveth in him, should not perish, but have eternal life. Hince Christ tells us he is gone to prepare a place for us. 14. Joh. 1. 2.3. I shall conclude wth two words of Use.
    9. 1. Use. Information.
    10. 1. Hince learn somwhat of ye pretiousness of your souls. If a wise man purchaseth a thing at a huge rate, we may well conjecture yt that thing is very valuable, or pretious. How much more when ye Only Wise God shall give up his Darling Son, & Christ Jesus shall give himself, & yt to intolerable wounds & bruises for ye Redemption of Souls, may we be bold to say that Souls are very pretious? Oh God has given men pretious souls, & he would have men consider ye they are pretious, & very valluable above all ye riches of the world, so yt thô a man to save his Natural life, should loose his immortal soul, he would make a miserable foolish & unhappy bargain. 16. Matt. 24. 25. 26. The Soul is such a pretious thing yt all ye Riches of ye Earth can never ransom it from ye Pit of Hell. 49. Ps. 6. 7. 8. 9. No it is nothing but Christ, & ye bloody & cruel death of Christ yt can ransom souls. Nothing but ye invalluable blood of God, could ever come up to the price of pretious Souls. 1. Pet. 1. 18. 19. O therefore prize your souls: your own Souls, your childrens Souls, your freinds souls, yea all souls you have to do with.
    11. 2. Hince learn yt Sin is a most incurable distemper as to Men. All yt men in ye World cannot take away one sin. No it must be blood, & only ye blood of Christ also that can do it. 9. Heb. 22. Without shedding of Blood is no remission. Sin is a bloody thing, & makes men bloody & filthy in the eyes of God. 16. Ezek. 6. And there is no remedy for it but by ye blood of Christ. Not prayers, tears, &c.
    12. 3. Hince learn yt Gods Love, & Christs Love, is most deep love, most wonderfull Love. For God out of his deep Love has given ye best he could give. 3. Joh. 16. Hince Christ is called Gods unspeakable Gift. 2. Cor. 9. ult. Such a Gift as ye vallue of is unconceivable. And Christ has given out of his deep Love all he could give viz: his very life. 10. Joh. 75. 16. 17.
    13. 4. Hince learn that there is no Salvation to be expected but by the Wounds & bruises of Christ Jesus. Freinds it cannot be imagined yt Christ would be so wounded & bruised in his life & death, & yt for our transgressions & our iniquities, if man may be saved by some other: All yt are Saved are saved this way there is no other: & therefore never dream of any other. Hince
    14. 5. Wofull & yt beyond all expression; yea conception, will be the case of such as are not interested in this once Wounded & bruised Mediator. For
    15. 1. Thou must bear Wounds & bruises for thy own transgressions & thine own iniquities & yt for ever. 4. Ro. ult.
    16. 2. God will be thy eternall Enemy. If you are not reconciled by ye blood of Jesus you are never like to be Reconciled. 2. Eph. 13
    17. 3. Thou Shalt not be justifyed at ye day of judgment. Thy own Righteousness will never do it. 3. Philip: 9.
    18. 4. Thou art in this life a rotten putrid, vile, corrupt & abominable thing in the eyes of God. No Christ, & no Spirit of Holiness & Sanctification.
    19. 5. Last: Thou shalt for ever abide ye bites of eternal fiery Serpents, 3. Joh. 14. 13.
    20. 6. Infer: Last: Hince learn yt most happy are they, all they & only they, who are in truth interested in ye Wounds & bruises of Christ Jesus. Why all these are freed from Vindictive punishments. They are reconciled: God is their friend: They are justifyed in Gods eyes: God has crost the debt book: Their Head is in Heaven, & will very shortly bring every such a member of his thither also.
    21. Obj: This is good news if I Knew it belonged to me, but how shall I know that?
    22. Answ: In a few particulars
    23. 1. If it be the reall hearty & constant desire of thy Soul to share in Christs Death, Wounds & Bruises, then thou dost share in it for these desires are a fruit of Christs Wounds and Bruises. 12. Joh. 32. And I, if I be lifted up from ye Earth, will draw all men unto me. Therefore is thy soul indeed drawn to an earnest desire of sharing in Christs wounds & bruises? And that
    24. 1. In way of Sanctification. 1. Pet. 2. 24. Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on ye Tree, yt we being dead unto sin, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. Christ was wounded, not only for our Justification but also for our sanctification. His Wounds are healing in both respects.
    25. 2. In way of Imitation. 1 Pet. 2. 20. 21.—Even hereunto were ye called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, yt ye should follow his steps. Do ye desire rather to dye for Jesus, than to part from Jesus.
    26. 2. If nothing wounds thee so much as thy wounding of Jesus Christ, then thou art interested in his Wounds & Bruises. 12. Zech. 10.—They shall look upon me whom they have pierced, & they shall mourn &c.
    27. 3. Last: If thou seest through yt Wounds of Christ, the amazing Love of God & Christ &c. There is ye Love of God, in food, raiment, Health &c. But is this to thee a Love above all, infinitely. &c God so loved the World &c. 3. Job. 16.
    28. 2. Use. Exhortation: & We conclude.
    29. 1. To look off from all other Saviours &c. This is ye balm &c. 8. Jer. 22.
    30. 2. To Feed upon ye wounds & bruises of Christ. 6. Joh. 54. 55.—My flesh is Meat indeed, & my blood is drink indeed. I remember ye holy Ghost. 116. Ps. 15. sais yt ye Death of the Saints is precious in ye sight of the Lord: I am sure ye Death of Christ is & ought to be precious in ye Sight of ye Saints. O so let it be: & feed upon it in Meditation as a most sweet & rare banquet.
    31. 3. Last: To show forth ye Death of Christ. Especially this is required of Com̄unicants. 1. Cor. 11. 25. 26. Walk as those wo are at Peace wth God: & whose Natures are changed; & whose Mansions are in Heaven. Let your lives declare yt Christ was wounded for your transgressions, & bruised for your iniquities; FINIS TEXTUS