Conco 1a}

    11. Sept. 1692. After ye condemnation of 6. Witches at a Court at Salem, one of the Witches viz. Martha Kory in full communion with our Church.

    17. Rev. 14.

    These shall make War with the Lamb, & the Lamb shall overcome them: For he is the Lord of Lords, & King of Kings; And they that are with him, are Called, & Chosen, & Faithful.

    In these words 2. things are observable.

    1. 1. A War prophesyed of.
    2. 2. The Victory that this war shall issue in.
    3. 1. Here is mention made of a War. These shall make War &c

      Now in all wars are two parties. And so here

    4. 1. Here is the Offending Party. Namely These, viz: Antichrist (the spiritual whore) & all her Assistants, instruments of Satan, & instigated by that Dragon to this War. 13. Rev. 1.2. Namely By Sorceries & witchcrafts (plentiful among the Papacy) doing lying Wonders whereby multitudes were deluded
    5. 2. Here is the Offended Party viz. the Lamb & his followers. Text. With these they make War.
    6. 2. Here is the Victory, & the Reason of the Victory.
    7. 1. The Victory. Devils, & Idolaters will make War with the Lamb, & his followers. But wo shall have the Victory? Why the Lamb (i.e. Christ) & his followers. Text
    8. 2. Here is the Reason of it, & that is twofold
    9. 1. And main Reason is taken from the Lamb (Christ) For he is Lord, of Lords &c
    10. 2. Reason is taken from the Saints 3. Victorial Properties
    11. 1. They are Chosen
    12. 2. They are called.
    13. 3. Last: They are Faithfull: of all which hereafter.
    14. 1. Doctr. The Devil & his Instruments will be making war with the Lamb & his Followers as long as they can.
    15. 2. Doctr. The Lamb & his Followers shall overcome the Devil & his Instruments in this War against them.
    16. 1. Doctr. The Devil, & his Instruments, will be making War, as long as they can, with the Lamb & his Followers.

      Here are. 2. things in this Doctrine. Namely.

    17. 1. The Devil & his Instruments will be warring against Christ & his followers.
    18. 2. This War will be as long as they can. It will not be for ever. There will be a time wn they shall war no longer.
    19. 1. The Devil & his Instruments will be warring against Christ & his followers. Text. These shall make War with the Lamb. 11. Chap. 2. The Beast shall make War against them. 12. Ch. 7. 17. War in heaven: The Dragon fought and his Angels, 13. Chap. 7. It was given to him to make war with the Saints. &c. 19. Ch. 19.

      We may farther confirm this point by Instances & Reasons

    20. 1. For Instances. We find the Devil Assaulting the Lamb as soon as he was borne to the end of his dayes. As we see in his instrument Herod. 2. Matth. 7 &c. And afterwards by his Manifold Temptations of Christ in the Wilderness 4. Matt. And afterwards by his stirring up the chief of the Jewes to kill Christ. 26. Matth. 3. 4. And to help forward that murder the Devil puts it into the heart of one of Christs Disciples to betray him. 13 Joh. 2. And after all thô the Lamb be killed, but yet liveth for ever, & no advantage got by the Devil by the Murder of Christ, why now he seeks to destroy his Church: And for this end influenceth bloody Saul to lay all waste. 8. Acts. 3. 9. Ch. 1. 2. But now when the Lamb had conquered this bloody Instrument, & of a Saul, made him Paul, a Preacher of Righteousness why now the Devil as much opposeth Paul. 13 Acts. 4. &c. Yea the scripture is full of such instances. Church History abounds also with evidences of this truth. Yea & in our dayes, How industrious & vigorous is the Bloody French Monarch, & his Confederates against Christ & his Interest?81 Yea, & in our Land (in this, & some neighbouring Places) how many, what Multitudes, of Witches & Wizards has the Devil instigated with utmost violence to attempt the overthrow of Religion?
    21. 2. The Reason, & that in a word is from the enmity of the Devil & his Instruments to Religion, 13. Acts. 10. Thou Child of the Devil, thou enemy of all Righteousness. Now the seed of the Devil will do the works of the Devil. 8. Joh. 44. Ye are of your Father the Devil, & the lusts of your Father ye will do &c. Satan (sais one. Trapp in loco82) is called the God of this world, because as God at first did but speak the word & it was done: So if the Devil do but hold up his finger, give the least hint of his Mind, his Servants & Slaves will obey.
    22. 2. This War shall be as long as they can. It shall not be for ever, & alwayes. Here
    23. 1. Somtimes the Devil looseth his Volunteers in War. The Lawful Captive, the Captives of the Mighty, are somtimes delivered. 49. Isa. 24. 25. We have an instance in bloody Saul. 9. Acts.3. &c.
    24. 2. Somtimes the Devil is chained up; so that he cannot head & forme an Army, as otherwise he would against the Saints. 20. Rev. 1.2.3.
    25. 3. Last: After this life the Saints shall no more be troubled with War from Devils &c their Instruments. The City of Heaven, provided for the Saints, is well-walled, & well-Gated, & Well-Guarded, so that no Devils nor their Instruments shall enter therein. 21. Rev. 10. &c.
    26. 1. Use. It may serve to Reprove such as seem to be amaz’d at the War the Devil has raised amongst us by Wizards, & Witches against the Lamb & his Followers that they altogether deny it. If ever there were Witches, Men & Women in Covenant with the Devil, here are Multitudes in New-England. Nor is it so strange a thing there should be such: no nor that some Church Members should be such. The Jews after the Returne of their captivity, wofully degenerated even unto the horrible sin of Sorcerie & Witchcraft, 3. Mal. 5. Pious Byshop Hall saith, The Devils prevalency in this Age is most clear in the Marvailous number of Witches abounding in all places. Now hundereds (sais he) are discovered in one Shire; & if Fame deceive us not, in a Village of 14. Houses in the North, are found so many of this Damned brood. Heretofore only Barbarous Desarts had them, but now the Civilest & Religious Parts are frequently pestered with them: Heretofore some silly ignorant old Woman, &c. & but now we have known those of both Sexes, who professed much Knowledge, Holiness, & Devotion, drawn into this damnable practise. Baxters Apparitions & Witches, pag. 122.

      Also the same Mr. Baxter speaks of a Woman who pretended to have the holy Ghost, & had a Gift of Prayer, & did many wonders, proved to be a witch, p. 123.83

    27. 2. Use. We may see here who they are that War against the Lamb, & his Followers. Why they are Devils, or Devils instruments. Here are but 2 parties in the World, the Lamb & his Followers, & the Dragon & his Followers: & these are contrary one to to the other. Well now they that are against the Lamb, against the Peace & Prosperity of Zion, the interest of Christ: They are for the Devil. Here are no Newters. Every one is on one side or the other.
    28. 3. Use. It calls us all (especially those that would be accounted Followers of the Lamb) to mourn that the Devil has had so many assistants from amongst us, especially that he should find, or make such in our Churches. If so be Churches are deeply to mourn the dishonour done to Christ & Religion, by Fornicatiors among them. 1. Cor. 5. 1. &c. how much more, when Witches & Wizards are amongst them.
    29. 4. Use. It may show us the vileness of our natures, & that we should be ever praying that we be not left to our own lusts: for then we shall by & by fall in with Devils, & with the Dragon make war with the Lamb & his followers.