Conco 12.}

    15. March. 1690

    1. 2. Good Men wounded & bruised Christ Jesus.
    2. 1. In general: All his Disciples forsook him & fled. 26. Matt. 56.
    3. 1. Use. Hince learn yt as there is a final Apostasy that is damning, so there is a temporal Apostacy yt God dos graciously pardon & recover from.
    4. 2. Use. Hince learn yt neglect of watchfulness against temptation, God sees good to punish with falls in Temptation. As here their fall was ye punishment of their sleeping wn forewarned by Christ Jesus &c. 26. Mat. 38.
    5. 3. Use. Hince learn yt Times of great triall Persecution or ye like calls for speciall Divine Assistance. Hince those promises of Gods presence with us in ye Fires & in ye Waters. 43 Isa. 2.
    6. 4. Use. Consol: To those yt in their deepest troubles may be forsaken of all freinds &c. It was so wth Christ. And Paul. 2. Tim. 4. 16. And. 88. Ps. 8. Thou hast put away mine acquaintance far from me: thou hast made me an abomination unto them: I am shut up &c.
    7. 2. In particular. Peter Denyes Christ & yt three times (1) with a lye (2) with an Oath (3) with Execration. He did not deny Christ once, & then Repent: but went on ye second time, & yet he did not Repent; & ye third time, & yet he did not Repent, till Christ looked upon him &c.
    8. 1. Use. Caution & Admonition
    9. 1. Hince be we cautioned agst placing confidence in our selves, or in Grace already received. This no doubts was ye occasion of Peters fall: He knew he had Grace, & upon this he builds over confidently. Thô all should be offended, yet (sais presumptuous Peter) I will never be offended. I will dye with thee, rather than I will ever deny thee. q.d. I know my love to thee, so well yt even Death it self shall never part between thee & me &c: And yet instead of being better, & doing better, he proved worse, & did worse, than ye other 10. Therefore let him yt thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall. 1. Cor. 10. 12. You yt fear no changes, no trying providences, will move you, or however not remove you, from ye truth: Have a care yt small tryals do not turn you up side down as it did Peter. Foolish security is a distemper common to corrupt Nature. Young & Healthy persons are prone to put off ye fears of sickness & Death. Rich persons are prone to cast off ye fears of want & penury. Zealous professours are ready to think they shall never cool or abate in their forwardness: And Old Professors yt have stood many a squawl, are ready to think yt no storm, or tempest will be too hard for them. 30. Ps. 6. In my prosperity, I said, I shall never be moved. O be not thus high minded but fear. 1. Pet. 1. 17. Pass ye time of your sojourning here with fear. Remember yt text. 4. Jae. 6. God resisteth ye proud, but giveth grace to the Humble. Pray therefore ever to be preserved from yt perilous pinacle of Self-exaltation.
    10. 2. Hince be we cautioned against encouraging our selves to Adventure upon sin, & giving ourselves a liberty thereto &c latitude therein because Peter who sinned so grievously yet obtained salvation. This would be a cursed abusing of ye Scripture, which Records Peters fall & Salvation, not to give us any incouragement to sin, but to provoke us to ye greater care, & vigilancy against it. To prevent this Consider.
    11. 1. Con: That Peters great sinning cost him great mourning for sais ye text he went out & wept bitterly. It cost him many a bitter, & deep sorrow of soul. The Phrase intends depth of Sorrow. Such as yt affectionate Proph: had for ye invasion of Jerusalem. 22. Isa. 4. I will weep bitterly &c. Now if you sin as Peter did, are you sure yt you shall mourn as Peter did? But if you were sure: is it not deep folly to do yt wch would bring upon you much bitterness of Soul?
    12. 2. Con: The Instance of Judas, as well as yt of Peter. The latter indeed sinned & was saved, but ye former sinned & is damned. Wilt thou venture to sin, because Peter did? Why what if God should punish thee for thy boldness in leaving thee to the hardness of thy hard heart, as he did Judas? The one lost Heaven & his soul for ever, the other lost his Peace & comfort for a time: let both be a caution to thee to beware of sin.
    13. 2. Use. Consol: to true Penitents; howsoever great, multiplyed & aggravated your sins may be, here in this instance of Peter you have matter of encouragement upon true Repentance. Indeed here is no encouragement to sin hereafter, but here is great encouragment for hopes of pardon for sins past. If you Repent as Peter did there is hopes of pardon for you as Peter had. Are you tempted to sin, remember Judas, & have a care. Have you been tempted, & overcome, Remember Peter, & despair not. Begg a look from Christ yt may melt your hard heart, as he had.
    14. 3. Answ: God ye Father bruised & wounded Christ Jesus. 53. Isa. 10. It pleased ye Lord to bruise him, he hath put him to grief.
    15. Use. Hince learn yt ye Wounds & Bruises of Christ Jesus were just & righteous Wounds & Bruises. The Reason is because it was Gods good pleasure he should be wounded & bruised. Indeed Men & Devils they acted most unjustly, as to wt he suffered from them. But as to God, all was most just & righteous. He is a God of truth, and without iniquity, just & right is he. 32. Deut. 4. God & Christ i.e. God ye Father, & God, ye Son in this way had covenanted to save lost & perishing man. God ye Father covenants to give him a Number upon his suffering for them: God ye Son accepts ye Gracious offer, & Now it was but just yt Divine Justice should require yea & exact satisfaction &c. Thus ye Beleiver is freed &c.
    16. 2. Use. Hince learn yt we are to attribute ye Wounds & Bruises, the Death & sufferings of Christ Jesus unto ye infinite benevolent affection of God ye Father. It pleased ye Father to bruise him: But why so? Why? Not out of any hatred to his Son, but out of infinite Love and affection to poor & undone man. 8. Ro. 32. He Spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all. When Abr: was ready to offer up his Son Isaac, the Angel cryes to him out of Heaven, forbear for now I know yt thou lovest me. 22. Gen. 11. 12. But now when God ye Father has actually offered up his Son, his Eternal Son, what can we every sinner of us, cry out, & say, But O Lord, now I know yt thou lovest me? Now my mouth is stopt: this act of thine, has for ever silenced me from questioning thy deep infinite & wonderful love. Thou hast wounded and bruised thy Son, to free me from wounds & bruises. O wonderful love! Pilate could have had no power against Christ, had it not been given him from above. 19. Joh. 10. 11.
    17. 3. Use. Exhort: O improve this consideration to a most thankfull Remembrance of ye Love of God in ye Wounds & Bruises of Jesus Christ! O Remember ye whole work of Redemption was plotted, yea & carryed on by ye Bowel Love of God yt Father! Christ teacheth us. 6. Matth. 9. to pray Our Father: & indeed never let any of us marvail at it hereafter. For never did ye Bowels of a Father yern over prodigal & rebellious Sons & daughters, as ye Bowels of our Heavenly Father did: For he was willing yt his only & Eternally Obedient Son should dye, to purchase reconciliation for rebellious apostates. 1. Joh. 4. 10. Herein is love——yt he sent his Son &c. 9. v. And therefore meditate upon this wonderfull love of God, represented in ye Lords Supper. And you yt go away: Remember you turn your backs upon Fatherly love. Is this gratitude? Dos it become you yt love God, to go out of ye Sight of yt wch represents his Wonderfull Love, in a most lively manner? Pray meditate upon it. And ye next time you fall upon your knees, tell God in Secret wt you have done, & mind well what answer he gives thy Soul. If he dislike it not tarry away still: but if you find he dos, O cast away all obstructions, & offend no more in this nature. Remember yt parable. 22. Matth. in mitio.—They made light of it &c.
    18. 4. Answ: Last: Christ Jesus Himself also had a Hand in his own Wounds & Bruises. 50. Isa. 6. I gave my Back to ye Smiters, & my cheeks to them yt plucked off ye hair: I hid not my face from Shame & Spitting.
    19. 1. Use. Hince learn yt Christ Jesus underwent most inhumane, barbarous & ludibrious dealing from wicked men. He endured wonderfull injuries. Some spit in his face in way of contempt, detestation, & abhorrency of him. Some pluckt off ye hair of his face, &c: he underwent such injuries as never did man ye like as ye History acquaints us.
    20. 2. Use. Hince learn yt Christ Jesus was most wonderfully prompt & ready in his Obedience unto God. I gave my Back to ye Smiters &c. q.d. I had rather suffer any injury than be disobedient to my heavenly Father. I had rather give my Back to ye smiters, than turn my Back on Gods com̄andments. And oh yt herein we may all be imitatours of Christ Jesus to fulfill all righteousness thô it cost us shame & buffeting from men. He came to do his Fathers will. 10. Heb. 7. And do it he would &c.
    21. 3. Us[e]. Last: Hince learn we yt Christ Jesus did & doth bear wonderfull love to poor lost men. For thô he was wounded and bruised, he was active in it. As it pleased God ye Father to bruise Him, so it pleased himself to accept thereof for us. 10. Joh. 15. I lay down my life for ye Sheep. Q.D. I will rather dye than loose a lamb. Nay he dos not only say so, but do so. He dos dye for them. 17. 18. v. Now shall Christ dye for you, & will you not own it? Dont you desire to partake of ye fruits of his Death? If you do, O do not turn your backs upon yt which so lively represents his Death, & ye benefits of it, as the Lords Supper doth. Sais he, I gave my Back to ye smiters Sec. Which shows his own gracious activity & Spontaneity in it. Now shall Christ give his Back to ye smiters, & his cheeks to ym yt pluck off ye Hairs, for us, be active & free in suffering reproach for us, & shall we be ashamed to own Christ, before all ye world, for fear of reproach or disgrace of men? Oh labour we to abhorr such ingratitude: for if it prevail it is very dangerous, 10. Matth. 32. 33. So much for that question: Who wounded & Bruised Christ Jesus? In the next Place we may consider Why Christ Jesus was thus wounded & Bruised? Why for our transgressions & for our iniquities. Text. But of yt hereafter.