Conco. 11.}

    1. Feb. 1690.

    53. Isa. 5. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. (D) Our Transgressions & our Iniquities were ye causes why Christ Jesus was wounded & Bruised (1. Use) Inform: Hince we may learn yt ye dearest of Gods Children may be called to drink deepest of ye most embittered Cups of affliction. To proceed.

    1. 2. Use. Hince we may see somwhat of ye Evil of sin. This is an evil yt God cannot look upon wthout deepest De[te]station. 1. Hab. 13. Many things might be alledged to prove yt Sin is a very great Evil: but to our present purpose to consider wt Christ underwent to answer for our sins is wonderfull. No Finite creature, but an Infinite God, must become Man, & be made a curse too for ye Removal of it. That must needs be a vast Debt, whch all ye treasures of Earth cannot make payment of: Such a Debt is yt of Sin. Nay ye Soul of man (wth out an interest in Christ) wch is more pretious than all ye world, must for ever be paying, because unable to pay ye whole to divine justice for Sin. Nothing but ye Blood of God can answer for it. 20. Acts. 28. The Church of God wch he Hath purchased with his own Blood.
    2. 3. Use. Hince we may Behold ye justice of God. God hates Sin: it is an Infinite wrong to him, & he will have Infinite Satisfaction for it. Not sparing even his own Son. He takes upon him our Sinful state & must pay ye very last Mite. God did not overlook ye Debt because his Dear Son undertook ye payment of it. Well then if God be so to his Son, wth friend! can thee & I look for if we be not found in Christ Jesus? If justice will not bear with ye surety so beloved, by him, how then shall it bear wth the Principle yt refuseth this surety?
    3. 2. Quest. Who was thus wounded & bruised?
    4. Answ: Christ Jesus God-Man in One person.
    5. Use. This shows us somwhat of ye Infinite wisdom of God in 1. finding out such suitable means for our Redemption. (1) Hereby it was yt Christ was fitted to become our Mediator, in yt he hath somthing like to Man, & somthing like to God. Had he been in all things only like to Man, then he would have been at a distance from God: had he been in all things only like unto God, then he would have been at a distance from Man: but he has both yt Nature which had offended, & yt Nature wch was offended: a Nature to please God, & a Nature to pleasure us: He hath two distinct Natures, capable of ye Affections of ye two Persons he was to accord, & Reconcile. By ye one he was fitted for things appertaining to God. 5. Heb. 1. & ye other furnisht him wth a sense of ye Infirmities of man. 4. Heb. 15.
    6. 2. Hereby he was fitted for the working out of Mans happiness. By a Divine Nature to com̄unicate to Man, & by a Humane Nature together with a Divine to carry up from man unto God. Hereby
    7. 1. He had a Nature to suffer for us, & a Nature to be meritorious in these sufferings. A Nature capable to be exposed to ye Flames of Divine wrath: & a Nature capable to sustein ye same without consumption. A Nature, A Humane Nature, to suffer, & stand a Sacrifice in ye stead of Man; And a Nature, a Divine Nature, to perfume those sufferings, & fill the Nostrils of God wth a Sweet Savour, & thereby attone his Wrath. 9. Heb. 12.
    8. 2. He had a Nature to be compassionate to us, & victorious for us. He had ye compassions of our Nature to pitty us, & ye Patience of the Divine Nature to bear for us. He hath ye Affections of a Man to us, & ye Power of a God for us. A Nature to disarm ye Devil for us, & another Nature to be sensible of ye workings of ye Devil in us, & against us. Had he been only God he could not have Dyed, & had he been only Man, he could not have conquered Death.
    9. 3. He had a Nature efficaciously to instruct us. As a Man, he was to instruct us sensibly; as God he was to instruct us infallibly. A Humane Mouth to minister instruction to Man, & a Divine Power to imprint it with eficacy.
    10. 3. Quest: Who wounded & Bruised Christ Jesus?
    11. 1. An. Devils.
    12. 1. Use. Consolation: to all true Beleivers. Poor Adam was overcome by temptations of Satan, But Christ Jesus ye Second Adam was too strong for Satan. Thô ye first Adam was conquered, yet yt Second Adam was a Conqueror. And therefore Christ was tempted to show yt he was stronger yn ye first Adam, & can overcome temptation, & pitty us under our temptation. Yea & his great conquest was at & in his Death 2. Hebr. 14. And it is hereby yt we are more than conquerors 8. Ro. 32–38
    13. 2. Use. Hince se we ye Infinite Wisdom of God in out-shooting ye Devil & yt in his own Bow. Satan had conquered Man before, & by ye Death of Christ, he intended final obstruction of Deliverance, but hereby he was overthrown. Christs conquest was by Death &c. As Sampson.
    14. 2. Answ: Men.
    15. 1. Wicked men: as
    16. 1. Judas wo sold his Master.
    17. 1. Use. Hince learn yt wicked & unconverted persons make little account of Christ Jesus. A little matter will part them & Christ: as it did between Christ & Judas. Judas sells Christ for 30 ps̄ of silver wch they yt reckon hig[h]est account it but. 3s 15p. a poor price: Many a beast prized much higher. So many a man, yea all unconverted men prize their beasts, yea their lusts above Christ &c. Yea thô they have followed Christ long, yet at length some beloved domineering lust parts them.
    18. 2. Use. Hince we may see ye Reason why worldliness is so fatal & deadly: why it is because where it is predominant it is set above Christ himself: as in yt Parable. 22. Matt. 5. Many a man might be born again by the word of God, were it not for ye riches of ye world, 13. Matt. 22.
    19. 2. The chief Priests, Scribes &c wo bought Christ & put Judas upon this temptation by covenanting with him &c
    20. 1. Use. Hince learn yt carnal & worldly Priests are ye worst of men. Instead of Saving Souls they will destroy Souls, yea if they can ye Saviour of souls to satisy their worldly interests. For handfuls of Barley, &. for pieces of bread, they will murther pretious souls, 13. Ezek. 19.
    21. 2. Use. Hince learn yt if temptation & opportunity present wicked men will be at more pains & cost to be rid of Christ then to entertain him. So here they give 30 ps̄ of silver to be rid of Christ: they would not give half so much for his gracious presence & holy sermons. For idolatry men will lavish Gold out of ye bag &c. 46. Isa. 6. They will not do so very rarely for ye maintenance of ye pure Religion (Omitted).67
    22. 3. Use: Last: Hince learn when wicked men are left to ye wickedness of their own wicked hearts they know not how to deal injuriously enough with Christ Jesus. They Bind him as a Malefactor. Hire false witness agt him: Accuse him of Blasphemy. Spit in his Face: Buffet him Blindfold him: And at last Crucify him. We cannot se what a fierce creature a lion is whilst chained up: but let him be loosed & fretted &c So here.