Conco. 2a.}

    22. Nov. 1691

    110. Ps. 1. The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand, untill I make thine enemies thy Footstool. (Doctr.) Our once humbled, wounded & bruised Mediator, has long since been exalted, not only by a Glorious Resurrection from the Grave, & also by a Glorious Ascension into Heaven, but also by a Glorious Session at the right hand of God (1. Qu) What is this Session at the Right hand of God the Father (1. Q) What maybe meant here by sitting (An.) It is a figurative & metaphorical manner of speech, & means Christs Kingly office & dignity.

    1. 2. Qu: What is meant by the right hand of God?
    2. An: It is also to be taken figuratively & improperly: & signifies the Power, Majesty, & Glory of God. Even as men exercise their power & strength ordinarily by their right hand, as neerest the Liver the Storehouse of blood; So Gods Omnipotency whereby he worketh all things, is as it were his right hand. Again because the right hand is commonly more strong than the left, therefore the right hand of God is called the right hand of Power. 14. Mark. 62. And the right hand of Majesty. 1. Hebr. 3.
    3. 3. Qu: Last: What is meant by sitting at the right hand of God?
    4. An: It means Christs possession of that high Power and authority delegated by God to which belongs the Sceptre, Rule, Supremacy, victory & the like mentioned in this Psalm. This sort of speech is taken from the custom of Kings, who for Honours Sake place on their right hand, those whose help they make chief use of in Government, & hereby to win over more obedience & Reverence to them from their Subjects. Therefore by this Phrase is intended & imported that chief Power & authority which is given to Christ God-Man, Mediator from God the Father for the Use & benefit of the Church.
    5. 2. Quest: At what time did this Session of Christ begin, & how long shall it continue. This Question naturally falls into two peices or questions
    6. 1. Q. When did Christ begin to sit at the right hand of God?
    7. An: With respect to the Divine nature Christ from all Eternity had (as I may say) his Chair of State at the right hand of God the Father. He was alwayes next unto God, as this Sitting imports, equality both of nature & Power, Honour & Dignity. There was no sooner a Father, but there was a Son &c.

      It must therefore of necessity be understood that this session of Christ means his exaltation in the Heavens with respect to his Mediatorial Office, together with a donation of all power for the benefit of the Church, as of gathering together, interceding for, Ruling over, & defending of his Church, untill the Church also be exalted to Glory. 5. Acts. 31. 8. Ro. 34. 5. Joh. 22. 10. Chap. 15. 16. 27. 28.

    8. 2. With respect to the humane nature Christ was seated at the right hand of the Father after he had finished what he had to do on earth as Mediator. And then as a Victor or Conqueror, in his humane nature, he takes possession as Head & Savior in behalf of his, of the Heavenly Glory, & is exalted above men & Angels there to perform & execute the office of King & Priest together with his divine nature yet without confusion of one with the other, or exæquation one to the other.
    9. 2. Q. How long shall this Session of Christ continue?
    10. An: In the words of the text till his enemies become his footstool. He shall reign till all his foes either kiss his Sceptre, or fall down under it. Christ indeed shall remain King & Mediator for ever. For thô we read of his delivering up of the Kingdom to his Father. 1. Cor. 15. 24. Yet it is not so to be understood as if he Himself should cease to Reign. But having finished his work he will deliver up his Kingdom to his Father complete & perfected such as shall remain for ever. Not one sheep lost, not one obstinate enemie but conquered. His Æconomical Reign shall cease, but his Essential Kingdom as God shall endure forever. 1. Luke. 33. He shall cease to Reign by instruments, but he shall reign for ever immediately

      But the third & main question is

    11. 3. Quest Last: What are the fruits of this Session of Christ at the right hand of God?
    12. Answ: The fruits & benefits hereof partly belong to Christs Sacerdotal Office; & Partly to his Kingly Office.
    13. (1.) The great benefit which ariseth from Christs Session at the right hand of God as to his Sacerdotal Office, is his Intercession for Beleivers. 8. Rom. 34. For even as of old, the Typical high-Priest wearing a breast-plate with the names of the Children of Israel engraven thereon appeared before the Ark in the Typical Sanctuary. 28. Ex. 15–22. So this our true & Eternal high-Priest represents unto God the Father, in the Holy of Holies, the true Children of Israel, not according to the Flesh but according to the Spirit.

      Concerning this Intercession of Christ many things will fall under our consideration, but because of the coldness & shortness of the season, I shall leave them to an other season if the Lord please to favour us therewith.