Conco. 2a}

    11. Sepr. 1692

    17. Rev. 14.

    These shall make war with the Lamb, & the Lamb shall overcome them. (1 Doctr.) The Devil & his Instruments will be making War as long as they can, with the Lamb & his Followers (1. U) No marvail then that the Devil & his Instruments are making this War at this day in our Plantations by Witchcrafts (2. U) See here wo they are that war against Christ (3 U) It calls us all to mourn that the Devil has had so many Assistants from amongst us (4. U) Last: It teacheth us the vileness of mans nature, that if left to himself will give help & assistance to the Devil against Christ. To Proceed

    1. 5. Use. Caution, & admonition to all & every one of us to beware of making War with the Lamb.
    2. 1. Consider so to do, is to fight for the Devil. Tis to fight for an Enemy. Tis to fight for him, who will pay you no other wages, than of being your Eternal Torturer. 1. Pet. 5.8.
    3. 2. Consider it is to take the weakest side. The Lamb shall most certainly overcome. Text. 19. Rev. 17 18. &c.
    4. 3. Consider this will aggravate thy sin above the sin of Devils. To fight against the Lamb, is to fight against thy Saviour: which the Damned Devils never had an offer of. 2. Heb. 16. He took not on him the Nature of Angels.
    5. 4. Last: It is the way to utter mine. I say it is the way, the high-way to utter ruine. It is true Christ may conquer thee when thou art hot in the Battle, as he did Saul, & make thee throw away thy Weapons of Rebellion. But wo can tell that he will do so? This is not ordinary; & if thou shouldst dye a Rebel in the fight then thou art damned for ever. Therefore be we cautioned agst. making war with the Lamb.
    6. Obj. But you may say, what is it to make war wth the Lamb? And when do men make war wth the Lamb?
    7. 1. An. in generall all Disobedience to Christ is a making War against him. As
    8. 1 Disobedience to his Laws. You know those that do not obey the Kings Laws are justly called Rebels. 1. Reg. 12.19. So here, not to do what Christ com̄ands is to Rebell against him, & to make war with him. 9. Deut. 22. 23. 24. 1. Isa. 19. 20.
    9. 2. Disobedience to Christs Ordinances is Rebellion against Christ, & making war with him. As warring agst. Magistrates, opposing them in their duties. In this sense Korah & his company are called Rebels. 17. Num. 10. & the Mutinous & murmuring Israelites are called Rebels. 20. Num. 10. Hince Resisters of Authority are Resisters of God, because they Resist the Ordinance of God. 13 Rom. 1 &c. But.
    10. 2. Answ: More especially to fight against the Lamb, & so to side with the Devil is.
    11. 1. To fight against the Gosple, or to war against the Gosple. When men will not receive the Gosple, & do what they can to hinder the course of the Gosple, this is to make war with the Lamb.
    12. 1. When men will not receive the Gosple themselves, then they fight agst. the Lamb: as the Jews. 13. Acts. 46. Not to accept of terms of Peace, is to proclaim war &c.
    13. 2. When they will not suffer others to receive it, as those Jews. 13. Acts. 44. &c. & the Sorcerer. 8.v. & those 2. Tim. 3. 8. And they that forbid preaching 5. Acts. 28
    14. 2. They make War against the Lamb, who oppose the holy Spirit. 7. Acts. 51. Ye do alwayes Resist ye holy Ghost.
    15. 3. Last: They make war against the Lamb, who do oppose the Doctrine of Christ. As
    16. 1. Either the Person of Christ his Deity, or his Humanity. He must be man that he might dye for us: He must be God, that he might conquer Death for us. Now to deny either of these is to deny the Lamb, & so to make war wth the Lamb.
    17. 2. Or the offices of Christ as a saviour both Prophetical Sacerdotal, or Regal. His office of Prophet to teach; of Priest to Attone for us; of King to Governe us; as might in particular be shown.
    18. 6. Use. Last: may be of encouragement to all Christians in the words of the Apostle to endure hardness, as good Souldiers of Christ. 2. Tim. 2. 3. For encouragement hereto Devils & instruments shall not war against us alwayes. 2. Rev. 10. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the Devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; & ye shall have Tribulation. 10. dayes: be thou Faithfull unto Death, & I will give thee a Crown of life.

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