To William Lithgow, Jr.

    Philadelphia        22 January 1792

    My dear Sir,

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the 19th. December; and to assure you that I have pretty much the same ideas of the subject you wrote upon, that you entertain yourself. And I wish, most ardently, some new arrangement might be made relative to the Judicial Department generally, as well as the part you particularly refer to. Indeed it is almost a general opinion that the System is exceedingly defective; yet few are willing to hazard a thourough change; lest, the experience on that subject being so small, it might turn out for the worse.

    Early in the Session this matter was refered to a special Committee; of which Mr. Ames is one; but they have made no report, and it is doubtfull whether they will1—or if they do, the subject of the Western Country will consume so much of the Session, I hardly think it can be got through the two houses this Season.

    Tho it has been very much my desire and constant endeavor to extend the mail in the eastern Country, I have not been able to effect it; except that hereafter it may pass once a week, instead of once a fortnight, from Portland to Wisscassett.

    I am sensible how anxious the people upon your River [Kennebec], are to have the priviledge of the post extended to them; and that some have already charged me with inattention, and a defect of exertion as the cause of its not being accomplished: But this I am certain is unjust—and being persuaded, that if these persons were acquainted with the circumstances and process of the Bill, & the principles on which it is founded they would not make this charge, I shall go no farther for its cause than a general want of information relative to the subject.

    I am, my dear Sir, with great esteem & respect, your friend & humble Servant

    * * *

    FC, TFP