To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        16 December 1797

    My dear,

    Two days ago I sent you a five dollar Bill, which I hope you will recieve—Since that date the same round I there mentioned has continued—I have this moment recieved a Billet to dine to day at two oClock with the President—And tho it is only a family dinner, with a few friends, I almost wish he had passed me by; I have something of a cold, & the house does not meet to day. I had made up my mind to keep my chamber & read my book—Now is my time to read—When I return home I must apply all my time & attention to farming; for should I be able to pay for my twenty acres of Land it will be too much to suffer to lay unimproved—It must be made a Garden—a Paradise—

    Yesterday I recieved your Letters of the 29th. Novr. and 3d December—Next to hearing you & the family are well; it gives me the most satisfaction to read such pleasing accounts of my friend Jotham—I think your mind is much more at ease, than through former winters—Encourage him—& preserve as much tranquility & harmony with every one of the family as possible; this is the true source of happiness—

    I must take leave of you, & dress for the Presidents dinner—

    * * *

    ALS, TFP