To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        3 January 1800

    My dear

    For this you may thank my carelessness of yesterday—for in the Letter I then wrote you I said I would inclose a five dollar bill, but forgot to do it—To make amends for that neglect, I now inclose a ten dollar bill—

    Do you recollect how often I have abused Mary Woolstencraft, the Author of the Rights of Women?—I know you must1

    I am now convinced I have done that womans character great injustice—I have lately purchased her Posthumous works—they consist of some Letters, wrote to Mr. Imlay during her connection with him2—The Fragment of a work, intended for the Wrongs of Woman—an Essay on Poetry, and the Cave of Fancy—I pronounce her a charming woman—I forgive all her faults, & blot out all her Transgressions—

    Of all the Letters I ever read, hers are the most affectionate, & expressive of a heart of good qualities—She was an Angel! but she is no more—

    Yours most affectionately

    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Addressed to Biddeford; franked.