To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    “In the Capitol,” Washington, D.C.        2 December 1800

    My dear—

    By my letter to Sally a few days ago you will see I had recieved yours of the 16th November—informing that the symptoms of soreness in Phillips’s leg and back had began to ware more favourable aspects—This very much tranquilized my mind, & reduced my fears on that account, which before your last were very great—

    I hope to hear again in a few days of the continuance of these favourable symptoms, & that there is a prospect of his & your speedy return home to the rest of our dear family, who I am persuaded, wish most anxiously for that day—

    I begin to fear the money I left at home will be expended before I can get you a supply—I now forward you ten dollars—And hope in a few days to find a receipt of three hundred dollars or thereabouts of money paid to the Treasury on account of Mr. [Jeremiah] Hill—which will enable you to discharge all the demands upon me—

    We have no news—nothing from our Envoys—

    Every mind continues engaged in making calculations how the electors will give their votes, which will be done to morrow—And then they will be equally engaged in conjecturing how they have given them—Thus the mind is always trying to fix things uncertain; whereas if they could be contented till the fullness of time comes all there uncertainties that cause such uneasiness by trying to ascertain them would be known without anxiety—

    Mrs. [Temperance Hedge] Lee is very well—

    One of my letters giving you an account of my Journey hither will answer the queries in your last, whether I saw Lucy [Thatcher] &c &c

    My Journey was too rapid to see any body three or even one rod out of my course—And our Stops were only long enough to swallow down necessary food—but not long enough to take convenient sleep—

    [. . . .]

    The weather and air of this place are very fine tho there have been a few days pretty cold as the people here judge it; but I believe many degrees more mild than in Maine—

    your most affectionate—

    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Omitted text relates news from a letter received from SST’s brother William, dated 30 October.