To Dudley A. Tyng

    Philadelphia        26 February 1792

    My dear Sir

    Your favor of the 30th Jany came to hand about ten days ago1—I read it to the Secretary [Alexander Hamilton]; and He then informed me he expected every day to have an answer from the Collector [Stephen Cross], to whom he had wrote & particularly desired him to point out the clause in the Law whereby he concieved himself authorised to exact part of the fees due to his under officers—intimating, at the same time, that it had been suggested he was guilty of that conduct—but no informant was mentioned—

    Yesterday Mr. [Tench] Cox, the assistant to the Secretary, called upon me, & informed me the Collector of your port [Newburyport, Massachusetts] had written to the Secretary, denying in the most peremptory manner his ever exacting any thing of his under officers, or agreeing with them for any part of their fees—And as evidence of his innocence he forwarded a certificate signed by seven of his officers, four of which, Mr. Cox observed, were of the name of Cross, and one of those wrote himself Junior.2

    Mr. Cox further told me, the Secretary would write, by the next mail, to the Attorney of the District & direct him to enquire into the fact; when tis probable you will be called upon for such evidence as you have, or can produce touching the conduct of the Collector—

    I do not rejoice at any mans guilt; but if the Collector is guilty of what you have suggested, since you have come forward in the business, I hope the fact will be established.3

    We talk of ending the present Session on the first tuesday of April; but I expect we shall run into the middle of the month. The militia Bill—and the assumption of the remaining part of the State debts will take up a considerable time.4 And tomorrow the House enters upon the trial of a disputed election of one of the members from Georgia5

    The bill making provision for the defence of the frontiers has passed the two houses6—The substance of it is, to fill the two existing regiments; and to rase three more of 912 men each, with some Dragoons, Indians &c

    Your friend &c

    * * *

    FC, TFP