To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        11 January 1799

    By yours of the 28th Decr. giving account of the Ball—you seem to write as tho neither Sally, or George would go to Dancing the succeeding Quarter—But soon after you wrote that letter you must have recieved mine upon that subject which I think will have determined you to continue George, & probably to send Sally also1—When dancing is the rage, it is not to be expected that children will attend to much else—& the old saying is a good one—Do one thing at once & do it well—

    Inclosed is a five dollar Bill—I have this day forwarded to Philips’ Preceptor fifty dollars—which will be not much short of two quarters pay—On this subject you will have no care—

    What corn you can get for 4/1 or near that you will purchase. I think it must be down to that—

    You must not complain at short Letters—as I grow old I grow averse to writing—I almost hate to take a pen into my hand.2

    I will answer Sallys Letter by next mail.

    Pray wean Han-ute [Anner Lewis] immediately3—I know she will cause you a fit of sickness if you do not. Kiss her for her papa—

    Yours &c

    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Addressed to Biddeford; franked; postmarked.