To John Hobby

    Philadelphia        12 April 1794

    Dear Sir—

    Since my last we have recieved no specific information from abroad of any consequence—The reports from the West Indies of the effects of the new ministerial orders of the eighth of January are various from different Islands—At some places they are obeyed & prove favourable to American property within the Law of nations & the Rights of neutrality—At other ports they seem to have been not only disregarded; but have caused both privateersmen & the Courts to be more active in taking & condemning all American property than before—But I believe this will all be put right—

    Some time ago I wrote you it was my opinion the Algerienes unless restrained would extend their Cruises farther than they had ever done before, after American property—I have lately seen Letters from Algiers wrote in December—to the same effect—& mentions that they were learning the art of navigation for that purpose1—We have no particular accounts of the circumstances & probable intentions of the Belligerent powers later than when I wrote last—The Spring arrivals at Boston are generally earlier than at this place—

    The Kings speech you will see in the Papers2

    Some rash motions, as I call them, have been brought forward in our house the week past, whose tendency I fear will be war—but at all events if they pass into Laws, a suspension of Trade and commerce between England & America—as to all Articles of the Growth & manufacture of Ireland & Great Britain—

    I hope soon to get news from that Country that will quiet our alarms, & put our fears to rest—If we do not, I fear—the consequence—

    It is yet uncertain whether the Embargo will be continued beyond the 30 days—The mail is closing, or I would protract this Letter—


    * * *

    ALS, TFP