To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Washington, D.C.        1 January 1801

    My dear—

    This hails you with the wishes of a happy new-Year to ourselves family and connections; and the commencement of a happy century to the whole world of mankind. The year past has been the most distressing, on account of family sickness, we ever experienced—And after observing the pleasure & gratitude I feel for the degree of restoration towards health my last Letters from you & Phillips afford me of both of your I cannot help observing my fear relative to the situation I learn our poor boy is in—His sore on the back—his pained & swell’d knee—his total inability to help himself greatly alarm me—I very much fear he will be a cripple, even if he recovers from his fever, the whole of his Life1

    The House adjourned little after twelve & waited on the President of the United States, with the accustomary compliment of the season—He recieved us with great apparent pleasure, & treated generously with excellent wine & good cake—I wish I could send you a piece—

    Last evening I had a Letter from Brother [Prentiss] Mellen dated the 18th Decemr. He writes that you are recovering rapidly—& tis expected you will soon be able to grace their hebdomidal (that is weekly) Club—I join them in this prayer—

    I anticipate a Letter from you in a few days—I want to have some account of the family & family affairs—

    Kiss the dear little children & tell them how much the[i]r Father wishes them health & happiness & wants to see them

    Mrs. [Temperance Hedge] Lee is well—& very anxious to hear of your restoration—

    I am, my dear your most affectionate

    [P.S.] On the 29th Decemr. I sent you a fifty dollar Bill—

    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Addressed to Biddeford; franked; postmarked.