An Adams Federalist

    may 1797–may 1798

    * * *


    To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        16 May 1797

    My dear—

    Yesterday a quorum of the two houses was formed about twelve oClock1—The House was organized by choosing a Speaker & the ordinary officers2—They were the same as heretofore except the Clerk who is changed, much more on the ground of Antifederalism than for any other reason—He has been an accurate Clerk.3 But ’tis time that those who eat the Bread of the Government should not endeavour to render their brothers & the measures taken for the public good, odious in the eyes of the people—

    This day at 12 oClock the President meets the two houses & makes a speech to them—Every body is looking to this speech to read the future destin[i]es of the United States, & the two houses to know what they have got to do this Session, & whether ’tis likely to be a long one or a short one—Hitherto, tho without any particular information to ground our opinion upon, we have imagined the Session will not exceed five or six weeks—But ’tis all conjecture—

    [. . . .]

    Write me what progress Mr. [William] Lunt & Mr. Kissic4 make—The Spring this way, as well as at Maine, has been cold and backward; But for about a week the weather is warm—

    News we have none later than by the way of Boston all which you will read in your papers—

    Phillips must take good care of the House & tend your Gardens5— [. . . .]

    I hope to hear that four of the children go daily to School—impress my tender love upon their minds—And be assured I remain

    your most affectionate—

    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Omitted text relates to household management.