To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        19 December 1795

    My dear—

    Yours of the sixth came to hand two days ago; And to hear that Lucy had got safe to your arms affords me much satisfaction—I must confess I was not without little anxiety lest the horse should be unruly, & Mr. [George] Peirson might not understand him so well as myself—for I have a wonderfull opinion of my own skill in driving a chaise—

    I have heard from Mr. Peirson since his arrival at Portland—he sais all his goods had got down safe—I hope the supplies he procured for you at Boston have also reached you—Upon that head I have only to add—that Flour continues as high as ever—And there does not appear much prospect of its falling in price.

    There was to be published a new Geography in Boston soon after I left that place,1 one copy whereof I requested Mr. [Thomas B.] Waite to forward, as soon as it came out, to Phillips—which he engaged to do—You will now & then, if opportunity presents, send him a little money—he cant need much—Let him know it is to reward him for his good behaviour & for attending to his Books—

    The winter here is moderate—we have not had one cold day, nor any snow—Tell friend Nathaniel he must inform me how things go on out doors and within his Department—

    When you see friends [Jeremiah] Hill, [Prentiss] Mellen or others tell them Mr. Randolphs Justification is published2—But after all his parade, & Letter after Letter about its preparation & publication it is counted small things by his friends—Instead of justifying himself he takes up most of the work in quarrelling with the President—He talks much about British influence—British faction, & his own patriotism!

    Inclosed is a ten dollar Bill—


    * * *

    ALS, TFP