To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        11 February 1797

    My dear—

    I believe I should not have wrote you by this mail had it not been to lay [to rest] your fears of a war; which as I read in yours of the of the 29th January made me laugh most heartily—Now you may tell our neighbour [John] Chadwick, who it seems is daily predicting dreadfull times, that tho his predictions may come to pass, for all things are possible, I have not the most distant apprehension of a war nor do I meet with a single person who has any fears upon this subject1—It is impossible to say what the French will do—for they have no rule of action but power—But it is not their interest to go to war with us—They may take our Vessells going to and from English ports against the Law of nations & their express Treaty with us, but this will be to distress England, not America—

    My fears of a War with France are nothing & less than nothing compared to what I daily suffer least your house should take fire & some of the family get burnt to death—My imagination on this head is always alive—

    I am glad you have repaid Mr. [George] Peirson the money he advanced for me to Mr. Kessick [McKessuk]—

    Our Session is drawing rapidly to a close—And I long for the Country air—

    Kiss all the children for their papa & your affectionate

    * * *

    ALS, TFP