To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        30 January 1792

    My dear—

    Were I to write you that I am unwell it might alarm your fears & cause your winter hours to pass off more heavily than not to hear from me by this mail—but when I assure you all my illness arises from a kind of home-sickness, it will be such an evidence that home is so much more agreeable than Philadelphia, with all its boasted amusements, that I cannot help telling you I am sick, merely for the sake of letting you know the true cause of my illness—And I think you have more than once told me it afforded you a species of pleasure to hear me complain of this sort of sickness—We have had about a fortnight or three weeks of cold, disagreeable weather—and I have set before the fire till I am almost weary of seeing it burn—I verily believe if I were to spend the remainder of my days in this city, & they were yet to be three score & ten years, I should continue a perfect stranger to all her amusements1

    A populous City is the best place in the world for Retirement—and study—I have not spent more than one evening from my own Lodgings since I came to this place—and that was with Doctor Spring2—& his new wife—My desire for going out is so weak that I dont expect to spend another from home before I leave the City—

    I read your account of our dear George, in yours of the 14th inst., with great satisfaction—But you dont say half enough about him or either of the other children.

    I am glad to hear you have got a good Cow—I do not value the price—one good thing is worth twenty poor ones—

    You write that you are to have Beef of Docr. [Robert] Southgate, at five dollars a hundred—I must confess that sum sounds in my ears like an e[nor]mus price! But we must have it, & if other provisions & necessaries of Living are in proportion—I hope people will no more reproach me for having too high a Compensation—

    Kiss the Children & believe me to be, my dear, yours most affectionately & forever

    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Addressed to Biddeford.