To Sarah Savage Thatcher

    Philadelphia        26 January 1793

    My dear—

    The inclosed [No. 85, above?] was intended to be sent by the last mail, but it did not arrive at the Office till the post had set out—this omission will make a longer interval between my Letters than I intended—

    I have recieved yours of the 12th. inst. And tho I will admit as good your excuse for its being very short, I cannot help mentioning its total illegibility—believe me, my dear, the nine last Lines I cannot read—& the whole does not exceed twenty—

    [Matthew] Parke writes me that he is almost certain the Coverelett, I left at his Store last fall, was, soon after, delivered to an eastern Coaster; but he will make enquiry after it, & see that you have it—

    I have seen such bitter things against Lawyers in the late Portland papers, that I am almost disposed to quit the Business and turn farmer—or any thing else, that will not be viewed with horror by the people—All I wish for is to live peaceably & in perfect good humor with every body—But if every year or two a person is to be held up in the papers as odious & detestable merely because he has studied & practiced Law—and this circumstance in his Life pressed will [with] virulence bordering upon anger at every person of that discription, I say, rather than this should be my portion, if I should ever again be a candidate for public favor—I had rather become a day laborer, & never again think of any thing but what immediately relates to myself & family—I certainly will purchase our neighbor James’ place, if he will sell, as soon as I get home—And I would have you prepare yourself for the duties of a farmers wife—

    Attend to every wish & inclination of our honord. Father, make him as comfortable this winter as you can—I wish I were at home to assist in making his time pass away with happiness1

    Another week is cut off from the period that seperates us—And brings us so much nearer to the hour of my return—


    * * *

    ALS, TFP. Addressed to Biddeford; franked; postmarked 26 January.