21 February 176989

    I can therefore only add, that I am so far from wondering, at your Care and Solicitude to preserve, the Felicity you now enjoy, I wish, from my Soul, every Branch of my Family, had an equal Share of it, and I esteem it my Honor, as well as Happiness, that you attribute any Part of your Felicity, to my Care and Indulgence, in the Course of your Education.

    That our universal Parent may, of his abundant Goodness, continue Me in; and by granting Success to our honest Endeavours, in his own due Time, raise you up to, that Independancy you so feelingly express, and having exerted, the Faculties with which We are indued, to improve our Selves, and all around Us, in virtuous Habits and usefull Knowledge, that, We may finally make, a decent Exit from this mortal Stage, and then find our Selves encompassed, with his Love and Favour in a better State, is the ardent, and unalterable Wish and Prayer, of him, who always esteemed You his dutifull Son, and who is unreservedly

    Your affectionate Father

    Jos. Quincy