18 September 1774528

    Philadelphia Sept. 18. 1774

    Dear Sir

    I am to acknowledge the Receipt of your kind Letter, and to thank you for it, and then Seal my Letter.

    Business, Ceremony, Visits and a thousand Ideas take up my Time so entirely that I can scarce find half enough for sleep.

    I have spoken to several gentlemen concerning you and shall to more.529 I wish you a prosperous voyage and much of the exalted Pleasure of serving your Country.

    You are surrounded with active scenes in our Province at present: We are not idle here. But how long it will be before the World will know our Meditations I cannot say.

    Our Country is in the Post of Honour, and of Danger and she behaves in Character. The Congress is sensible of it, and will act in Character too, I hope and believe.


    John Adams