7 December 1774634

    London Dec. 7th 1774

    Dear, Dear one635

    You will form a poor idea of my feelings for you and my country, if you do not consider that I have had no tidings of you, since I sailed. Not only my breast, but the breast of ministers and kings, nations and empires, are big with expectation of American events—That ‘tide’—but I forbear.

    I this day wrote you very largely and a few days ago more &c, and prior to that again, very full. These letters were all signed by a new political signature. The last mentioned (the first wrote) went directed under cover to Mr. Jonathan Mason; the other two were inclosed to Mr. Benjamin Clarke; and these both go by the Packet, the mail for which is made up tonight. And the chief design of my writing is to let you know this, by sending the present letter by some other ship.

    I would have transcribed my letters but have not time to write duplicates; and I have yet found no body who I dare trust to copy for me.

    My whole heart is with you; my whole time is employed in endeavouring to serve my country. It is now three weeks since I came to this city, yet I never dedicated but two evenings to the entertainments of the Town. And though Garrick hath acted four nights I have seen him but one.636

    You will wonder how I spend my nights and days in serving my Country. But in one word—I find every body eager to hear—most people willing to be set right—and almost all grossly ignorant of the American world. I have been taught to believe, that I have spoke conviction to many sensible minds.

    My friends are many, my spirits excellent, my health as I mentioned in my last.

    Make it your business to enquire for the December packett, and do not rest till you get the letters I sent by it.

    Believe me I know not when to leave writing, and was I sure of a safe conveyance I should write a volume.

    My heart feels for you all very exquisitely when I think of you, which is 18 hours out of the twenty four.

    Adieu, my best friend.


    PS. Give me the earliest intelligence of the Dates of those letters which you receive.