2 March 1775712

    Newyork March 2 1775


    The utility of Communicating to the Friends of Liberty every important transaction, relative to our important struggles is too obvious to those who have had any concern in Public affairs to require any elucidation. You have no doubt beheld with concern, before you left the Continent the vile artifices practised by the Tools of administration in this Colony, to induce a belief in the other Colonies, that this would not join the Common cause. Notwithstanding we sent Delegates to the Congress, and have since religiously observed the Association, yet those miscreants are indefatigable, in their old acts of circulating falshoods misrepresenting and magnifying every event, to excite Jealousies and distrust in our neighbours. This inveterate and inimical temper to America will doubtless prompt them to extend the same baneful correspondence to the Capital of the Empire, which if not contradicted, may at this important Crisis, have a fatal influence on the Councils of the Nation. Our mutual Friend Mr. Samuel Adams in a Friendly conference I had with him and your Delegates, apprehending the expediency of my commencing a Correspondence with you, gave me your address. This and a solicitude to contribute my mite to prevent that mischief I hope will apologize for this abrupt address. The Creatures of administration, will doubtless magnify to them the importance of our Assembly’s not approving of the acts of the Congress, which may be improved by them as a matter of great Triumph. But the inclosed report of the committee of Grievances of the Assembly will demonstrate to the nation, that notwithstand[ing] all the artifices which have been used with the ignorant members of [the] House, and the wickedness of others, which prevented an enquiry into, and approbation of those acts, yet the Political Creed of the assembly accords with the Congress. Yesterday, the day appointed for the Committee of the whole House to go into the consideration of the report, they proceeded as far as Mr. Billops previous Question, and approved you will see in the notes in, and at the close of the report. And as there was but Two members absent who can attend this sessions, and as they will be on contrary sides, the report of the Committee of the House will certainly be approved by it. And what is not yet considered by the Committee of the House will be more in favor of Liberty when perfected than against it.

    The departure from this port of the ship James Captain Watson from Greenwich, which arrived here the 2nd [of] February without being suffered to enter or Land any of her Cargo, and the preparation of the ship Beulah Captain Mr. Busssell from London, to depart without being suffered to come into the Harbour are incontestible evidences of our determined resolution to maintain the Association. And our General Committee determined last night to convene the Citizens on Monday next, to select Deputies to represent them in a Provincial Congress to be called, immediately, in order to Chuse Delegates to represent the Colony in the Continental Congress to be held at Philadelphia in May next. Hence you see the assembly will adopt the Creed of the Congress, the People are carrying their active determinations into execution, and the advice of the Congress to send Delegates to another will be followed so that you will be able fully to meet and refute the misrepresentations of our Common Enemies. As I was obliged to write this, in the utmost haste, I must therefore intreat you to view it with an indulgent Eye.

    I am, Sir, your Humble Servant.