18 March 1775721

    March 18th 1775

    Going into Plymouth Harbour

    Dear Bromfield,

    Paper being scarce, I am obliged to take the remains of a Letter I was beginning to you 2 days since, when the boat put off and left the Ship.

    I suppose you have received a Letter from me.

    The sea runs high and I shall scarce write legibly.

    In one of my Letters Mrs Q desires me to purchase for her Mamma and two Sisters Morrocco Pocket-books. They were pleased with one I gave Mrs Q which was made of bright Mazarine bluecoloured Morroccan Leather.

    I want much to gratify Mrs Q and worthy relations. Please to purchase one for Mrs. P at a guinea. Those for the young Ladies lower priced: there must be a difference between Mamma and her daughters.

    I also intended when in London to have purchased me one peice of handsome elegantly figured Chintz for a Summer Gown for myself and the use of the family. I should have chose one well filled with the figure, because I am a very careless fellow about my clothing.

    I also wanted a peice of dark, strong stuff of the Chintz or Calico kind for to make Children’s Jams with. I don’t know whether you use the term with you. I should chuse the figure neat and yet well filled, so as never to show dirt.

    Mr. W—ms will sail soon for New England and so will Captain Hill in the Boston or Bristol Packet. Either of these will put any small package in their Chests for me with pleasure. Hill I sailed with to Carolina, when he was mate of the Brigg he now commands; and it may be in some measure owing to my strong recommendation of him to Mr. Rowe, that he is in his present station.722 He is a very worthy fellow.

    If you think you can send these articles without making a puzzle and noise on the other side the water, please to purchase and send them.

    I would have both pieces of these Stuff cut up so far as to make me a Summer Gown with a side of each vert[icil]. Mr. Jones has my measures, and if he ever makes such kind of garment, I would have him make up the gown. If not, get those who do; and only inform them, that it [is] for a person 5 foot 11 Inches high (and Arms in proportion) who loves his outward garments full.

    These I think may be sent as articles, left behind, my trunk being unable to hold anything more than I brôt.723

    A word as to my health. My Cough and rising are far from better, though in the day time I am troubled a very trifle with either. And though in the morning my tongue is a little furred, yet all day, it appears as clean as a person in health.

    I wrote you I had been ill used and deceived. I discover every day more instances of it. If we reach into Plymouth tonight I shall have a thousand minds to go to Bristol.

    I am perplexed much what I ought to do.

    The sea runs so high and my head swims so much I must only wish you and yours (what my heart does every day as its duty and delight) the Best of Blessings.

    JQuincy jun.

    PS. If these articles can’t be sent pretty soon, I would not have them sent at all.