20 August 1774521

    Boston Augt. 20th 1774

    Most respected and dear Sir,

    At the earnest solicitation of a number of warm friends to my Country and me, I have engaged to remand my business and repair to London for the coming year. I sail in 18 days from this time. Whether I shall be able do any good is altogether problematical. I think I have the will. It is a great measure within the compass of others to give me the power.

    I am using my best endeavours to procure a stated correspondence with all parts of the Continent. On this head I now trouble you, Sir. If my intelligence is regular and early, and my whole soul is devoted to that Common Cause, I shall have the means and opportunity to do some good. Permit me, Sir, to sollicit the favor of information from you, while I am in London. If reciprocal intelligence will in any degree compensate the trouble, you may depend on my fidelity in this respect. It must, it will, be a very important [occasion?] in Britain the next session of Parliament. Your friend Mr. Cushing will be able to confirm this opinion by communicating some intelligence I have sent him by this post.

    It is the desire of my friends here, that my sailing for England may be kept a profound secret as long as possible. Should it transpire, that I was going Home, our public Enemies here would indulge a malignant pleasure in doing me, and the cause in which I am embarked some great injury.

    I shall stand in need of all your aid while in London. The Genii on the Banks of the Delaware are as capable of inspiring and protecting me, as any in the Americas would.

    If you can lead me into any channel doing good to the Common Cause, I flatter myself you are not disinclined; and though it should never be in my power to cancell the Obligation, it will ever be my study to remember it.

    With great respect

    And most cordial esteem

    Your obliged and most humble Servant,

    JQuincy jun.

    PS. Please to cause all Letters for me, to be put under a cover, directed to Messers Henry and Thomas Bromfield, merchants in London. This will frustrate any endeavours to stop your favors.