September 1774530

    Boston Septr. 1774


    Before this will be delivered to you, I shall be on my passage to Europe. My intended tour hath occasioned my calling in monies, which would otherwise have remained at interest; and having not been able to collect the sum wanted, I am obliged to ask the discharge of your note. I have been offered the money or bills for it, but supposing a negotiation would be disagreeable to you, I declined that measure; and would not trouble you with this request, did I know of any of my debtors more able, (or as I believe more willing) than yourself to make payment.

    If a compliance with my desire will be inconvenient, or my having made the request at this time will give any uneasiness, I shall be very sorry; but if it shall happen (as I trust) that discharging the note will be both convenient and agreable, your compliance with my request will confer a favor on

    Sir, your humble and obedient servant,

    Josiah Quincy junr.

    PS I have ordered the note to be delivered to our mutual friend Ezekiel Goldthwait Esqr who will receive the money, and deliver up the note.