6 May 1775734

    London 6 May 1775

    Dear Sir

    I wrote you a little while past, since which I have reminded your Friends not to Omitt Acquainting you with every thing material regarding publick Affairs. Doctor L[ee] has often been with me to know if I had received any Letters for him; he has received but one since your departure and that by Accident. I saw through the Cover of a pacquet for Folger, addressed to you. I therefore ventured to Open said Cover and deliver that to him; the Other two contained therein were Letters for you, which I shall return with others for some safe Conveyance. The Doctor thinks you should have given me leave to open the Pacquets addressed to you, as he judges there must among some of them be more Letters for him, but I told him I did not dare to Open any Others, that which I did open, I could not refuse to do, because his Name was so conspicuous through the cover, and the hand writing seemed to be Doctor Chauncy’s.

    The Accounts received some time ago from N York, respecting the Majority in the Assembly in favor of Goverment highly elated the Ministerial People here, but on receiving the last Accounts from thence that a great Majority of Free Men and Free Holders had agreed to send Delegates to the Congress, they are much chagrined, though they still entertain great hopes of what the Fleet and Army will do when the Regiments Arrive, and that the great Number talked of by some of your people, which are ready to join them, will enable them to Obtain Obedience without much trouble. I do think the People in general here, have no notion that there will be any Bloodshed, otherwise they surely would not be so contented, as they yet seem. It is the Opinion of most of the Ministerial Merchants that there will be none; for they, as well as others, think the bare Appearance of the Forces, will sufficiently intimidate you. I have desired Messers. Dilly to forward you from time to time, such Newspapers, as may contain any thing regarding you or be of material information, which he has promised to do. I hope soon to hear of your safe Arrival. I have sent you per Captain Jenkins the Parliamentary Register.

    Mrs. Bromfield joins me in proper respects to you and Mrs Quincy, our Dearest.

    Yours sincerely,

    Thos. Bromfield