14 January 1775702

    London Jany 14. 1775

    My best friend,

    I was this moment closing my advices to you, when I received from Mr. Blowers your Letters of October 15, November 3 and 8, my father’s of November 3rd and Sister Nancy’s.703

    I am so fatigued with writing &c that I can write no more. The Person by whom I send this goes in ten minutes.

    Thank my friends most heartily for their Letters. Don’t let them think I neglect their favors. They must consider my letters to you as addressed to them all. I am so hurryed I have no other way.

    Having sent out to Mrs. Bromfield (that most amiable lady) to transcribe some of my writings, I forward you her letter inclosing the Copies to her equally worthy husband, as a specimen of her accomplishments, and an evidence of my own Labors and some of my Shifts.

    I have acknowledged to you the receipt of all the Letters I have received. I have told you all that I most wish you to know, excepting how much I am

    Your affectionate and constant,

    JQ ——y

    PS. My health was never better. I have as yet had no symptoms of a seasoning.

    Post PS. Ingersoll hath had a severe touch of the gout in his stomach and is now ill. Jonathan Bliss is also confined to his room with a cold.704