15 June 1772155

    Messieurs EDES & GILL,

    SINCE I sent you my last, Mr. H. has adjourned the General Court to Boston; and all are busy with their Animadversions. His Dependants and Expectants are extolling his pretended Condescension; his Enemies and heated Observers are ridiculing, or smiling at, the Conduct and Situation of our Adventurer:—While the cool and judicious are inquiring into his Motives of Action, and deriving Knowledge for their future Guidance.

    It is a Matter of Speculation, what new Occurrence has altered the Operations of the first Magistrate: Whether there has been a Change in any Way affecting the real Service and Welfare of the Province (since the 3d of this Month) many doubt; but more believe that some Illumination has so purified his Excellency’s Capacity, or his Conscience, that the one is better calculated for the Solution of Problems, or the other for the Service of the Man.—However if any one can reconcile the Governor’s late Windings and Revolutions, with a real Concern for the Welfare of his native Country, with the Probity of an honest Mind, or even with the Circumspection and Wisdom of the Statesman, he will do a greater Work, and deserve a greater Reward, than Philanthrop did for his notable Feats in endeavouring to cleanse the Augean Stable of Governor Bernard.156

    “Verily they have their Reward.”157