23 November 1774592

    Wednesday Evening

    23d Nov.

    Dear Sir,

    The next Saturday afternoon at 4 o’Clock is appointed by Mr. Keen and my Lady Huntingdon593 for your drinking Tea with her Ladyship at her apartments near the Tabernacle, Moor fields; and I am desired to show you the way, which I will do with pleasure.

    If you are not engaged to Dine on that day it is Mr. Keen’s desire that you will Dine with him and myself at Islington, at a public house which he frequents there. I beg your answer directly by the penny post. You have nothing to do but write a few lines and give it to Nelly with a penny and order her to put it into the penny post office in Coventry Street, directing it agreeable to my Card No. 55 Northside St. Pauls and it will come safe to me in a few hours. If you can Dine there be with me at my Lodgings by 12 oClock on Saturday. If to drink Tea only be with me one hour before the time, my Lodgings being all in the way.

    I am with much Affection, Your very Sincere friend and humble Servant

    G. Green

    For Salem. Capt. Coues, next Saturday

    For N. York, Capt. Bussell—Ditto594

    If you wish to get into the house of Lords next Tuesday to hear the King’s Speech, and do not depend on any body else, let me know and I believe I can procure you a birth, though it is become immensely Difficult, Members of the House of Commons being frequently refused to bring in a friend with them.

    I cannot be Easy before I put in writing what I hastily said by word of mouth last time I saw you, Vizt., That the person who cautioned you must have been wholly ignorant of my true Character, Spirit and Disposition, and of the nature of the application I had made, which is for a place perfectly agreeable to and paid by the people and without us we know they could not exist as a Government. That I am not asking favours myself but two Noble souls, particular friends of Lord Dartmouth, have taken the request wholly upon themselves and made it a matter of their own, as a favor to be done themselves. If I have occasion to do anything in the asking way I shall now ask it as a matter of right on account of the great and unmeritted injury I sustain by the Shuting up of the Port and Harbour of Boston, but it is not probable I shall have any such occasion. Lord Dartmouth does not approve of all the measures of Government. That I know for certain and I believe he is at heart really a friend to America, though officially obliged to do some things that are not quite agreeable, but he never approves of little tittle tattle or scandalous information, and if he did he would never have it from me even if it was necessary to obtain my desire. But as that is far from being the case it would be folly to the last degree in me, in every view of the matter, to do any such thing.595