27 November 1774617

    London 27 November 1774

    Honored and Dear Sir,

    I snatch my pen to pay you that tribute of rememberance and duty which I owe.

    Having wrote many letters to Mrs. Q I must refer you to her for information relative to my health and spirits and the occasion of my present brevity.

    Your friend Dr. Franklin is a truely great and good man. Please to write to him and transmit the letter to me.

    Please to thank Mr. Goldthwait618 for his Letters, which have been of service to me and inform Mr. Jona[than] Williams619 (should you see him) that he has a very worthy son in this City, who is in health and much beloved.

    If the affairs of America should terminate speedily in the freedom and peace of the Country, I can send over very substantial yeomen with their families who will settle your Lenox land in a very short time. If you should think of such a plan, I must know the soil, the distance from a market and the best terms of settlement.

    My health and spirits were never better. My friends and well-wishers never more.

    Give my unfeigned affection to my Mama and sisters and present me to my brother in the bonds of love.

    After you have perused my letter to Mrs. Q. of this date, you will not wonder, at that haste with which I am obliged to subscribe.

    Your very affectionate and dutiful

    J Q Junr.