3 April 1775726

    London 3 April 1775

    Dear Sir

    I wrote you a short line to Boston, inclosed to Mr. Phillips. I hope the sea air and exercise will restore you to a perfect state of health and that you will have a happy meeting of your Family. After you left us the Merchants with a good deal of dexterity were brought to the enclosed petition to the King, which is tolerably explicit.727 You know how the Comittee in general were affected; your friend Bromfield stood close by the stuff to the last.

    You have a Pamphlet written by my B[rother] in support of the Congress’ petition to the King.728 The Lords protest, an address to the Soldiers which was enclosed [to] you before.

    Be pleased to communicate the contents to Samuel Adams Esq. and let him know that in the course of last summer I wrote him many letters which were inclosed to a Mr. Bromfield Glover in Boston, with several inclosures and that I should be glad to know if he has received any of them.

    Late letters from Massachusetts give the friends of Liberty much pleasure, as they declare the firmness of the People and their determination to support their Liberties like men. For my own part I see the hand of Providence most evident in this business. Jerusalem was visited for its Sins but after a time it arose with redoubled splendor; so I hope will Boston, where the wickedness of some Merchants, the Hutchinsons, Olivers, Sewalls &c is great enough to draw down on that unhappy Town the vengeance of Heaven. Some of the Merchants there have wrote to several houses here for goods however they are not sent, but large quantities under the Patronage of the Ministers have been sent in the Francis, late John Wilkes, for Boston and Captain Deverson is at this moment loading with Merchandize for the same Port. He will be quite full, the value at least £50,000, which is paid for to the Tradesmen before the goods are shipped. Part of his Cargoe is 300 hhds729 of refined Sugar, 3 or 400 chests of bohea Tea besides Bale goods Trunks &c. These Ships belong to Massachusetts, are both Transports in the Government Service and the goods are to be landed at Boston under the Military Protection. As all the other associating Colonies have religiously adhered to the Association of the last Continental Congress you will take care to prevent the above transaction from creating a division. The Enemies in New York will take every advantage and will be glad of every trivial circumstance to revile the friends of their Country and to contrive a division.

    Besides the money, £1000 a man paid to several members in the New York Assembly previous to their meeting in January last, large sums have since been sent there and to some other Colonies to Bribe particular men. Dr. Smith in Philadelphia should be watched. You have Mr. Burkes motions in the H. of Commons the 22nd of March, which are the Rockingham parties creed with respect to America.730 The Livery of London are to meet the 5th Instant in Common Hall to petition the Throne for redress of American grievances. The States of Holland have at the instigation of our Minister prohibited the exportation of Arms &c—but Spain is still open, so you know what you have to depend on. I trust you will find America united, but in my opinion if the 4 New England Provinces and Colonies were left alone they ought to persevere in support of their Liberty.

    I am with Great Esteem

    Dear Sir,

    Your most Obedient. Servant

    William Lee Esq.731