21 October 1774535

    Boston Oct. 21st 1774

    Dear Sir,

    Not knowing of this opportunity of conveying a letter to you but a few minutes since, and being told that I must in a few minutes write, if at all, I have time only to inclose part of a newspaper, which contains some things of importance, which you will be glad to see; and also to inform you, that Mr. Revere, who came from the Grand Congress last week informs me, that it was supposed that Congress would break up, at least for the present, this week. Probably, you will hear from there, and read the result of the proceedings sooner by some vessel from Philadelphia, than from these parts.

    I saw your good wife yesterday, as she came from our Thursday-lecture. She and those you are most concerned for are well. I am, hoping to hear from you by the first opportunity,

    Your assured Friend and humble Servant,

    Charles Chauncy536