30 December 1774671

    Boston Decr. 30th 1774

    Dear Sir,

    While at Philadelphia I received your Favors of the 20th and 25th August last, and agreable to your Request I spoke to divers Gentlemen to favor you with Letters and with Intelligence and amoung the rest to Mr. John Dickinson and Mr. Joseph Read from whom I doubt not you have heard ere this time.672 I should have wrote you from Philadelphia but I was so engaged that I had not a moment’s time and as Mr. John Adams and Mr. Read told me they should write you by the same Conveyance, that I wrote Dr. Franklin, I knew you would be, by them, favoured with the Proceedings of the Congress and the necessary Intelligence, and therefore that my writing would at that time be needless. Since I have returned home I shall have had nothing of Importance to Communicate. The Proceedings of the Continental Congress are universally approved and will be Sacredly adhered to. The Inhabitants of Canada are much dissatisfied with the late acts relative to that Province and instead of aiding the Administration in carrying the late acts relative to this Province into Execution, they will unite with the Continent in measures to obtain their Repeal. When you left the Province it was in a Convulsed State. They had a Complication of difficulties and distresses to Encounter. Under these Circumstances it was necessary to have a Provincial Congress to Consent upon measures to save themselves from Impending Ruin and to preserve their inestimable Liberty. They met in October last. If in any of their Proceedings they have gone beyond the true line marked out by the Constitution, certainly People of Candor and Consideration will excuse it and make all due allowances for a People in such an alarming perplexed and critical situation and under the dreadfull apprehensions of having their dearest Rights and Liberties torn from them by the Hands of Violence. You are fully acquainted with the distressed situation. You doubtless have been furnished with the Proceedings of the Provincial Congress in October last, and as you are capable, so I doubt not you will be disposed to make the most favourable representation of our Conduct during this time of Perplexity. The Provincial Congress adjourned from October 29 to November 23, when they met at Cambridge and on the 20th Instant they Dissolved. Their Proceedings or the most of them you have in the Public Papers. The late order of the King in Council prohibiting the Exportation of Powder or any sort of arms and ammunition from Great Britain unless by special Licence, has alarmed the People in America. It forebodes the most vigorous exertions of Martial Force. They are therefore adopting the most Effectual Methods to defend themselves against any Hostile Invasions of the Enemies to America. The People of Rhode Island have used the precaution to remove their Powder, Cannon and other Military Stores from the Fort at Newport into the Country. The People at Portsmouth in New Hampshire have done the like by their Cannon and other military Stores at the Fort at New Castle at the Entrance of their Harbour.673

    I remain with strict truth

    Your Friend and humble Servant

    Thomas Cushing

    PS. Pray let me hear from you how it is like to fare with my dear Country.