13 April 1773211

    Boston April 13th 1773.

    Dear Brother

    Wherever or However this may meet you, accept the tenderest Salutations of a Brother.

    I have been waiting some time for an Opportunity to Lodge a Letter for You with my Friend Mr. Thomas Smith of Philadelphia, and having this minute heard of a Vessel that sails this Evening, am set down first to tell you that I am well with my Family, and Connections; my Father and his Family, save an accident which happened to Mother by a Fall down Stairs, by which her leg and ancle are much bruised. I had in my Arms a few minutes ago your fine Little Boy; and the pleasure of seeing Sister Quincy, your Father Phillips &c. at their house, where I went upon a Visit, and upon hearing of this Conveyance, left them almost as soon as I had Spoke to them, to write you a line.

    I hope by this time we may congratulate You on the Recovery of your health to the utmost of your Expectations. We have accidentally heard of your being about a Fortnight ago at Cape-Fear; but What of your health, or What of the prosecution of your intended Journey, we are wholly at a loss.

    Things public and private remain much as they were when you left Us. The Spring Ships arrived Yesterday and the day before, but not a Word of News respecting America.

    The Business of the Courts and your Office, I suppose You will be punctually informed of by Mr. Moreton.212 I know of Nothing that has taken place other than you could have wished.

    Mr. Smith you will find a humane, courteous Gentleman; and I hope receive a Civility from him that will do honour to my Recommendation, and prove a Satisfaction to you equal to most of the Letters you have been favored with.

    It would give me pleasure had I time to enlarge but the Vessell is ready to put to Sea, and I must have done.—I depend upon hearing from you soon, and intend to write you, if I have an Opportunity in New York.—May the Almighty Sovereign of the Universe bless You, continue and confirm your Health and Prosperity, and return you soon to the Society of your Family and Friends and among the Rest, to

    Your Affectionate Friend and Brother,

    Saml. Quincy

    Josiah Quincy Junior Esq