12 April 1775733

    London 12 April 1775


    Mr. L desires his respects and says that he has wrote you twice by via Philadelphia and once direct to Boston.

    It is said that £25000 has been sent to General Gage for the purpose of Bribery, and that Major S ____ is now gone to Philadelphia with Money to Bribe the Congress.

    Dr. P[rice]. desires his best respects to you and says he shall very soon send you what he promised. He tells me that of the Troops destined for America, Four Regiments are going for New York, and Two for Albany to intercept the communication between those two places; the remainder are for General Gage, upon the arrival of which he is to quit the Town and take the field, for they reckon the Americans are mere Cowards and will not fight. General G per his last Letters says he is more and more assured that they would quietly submit. This account he has from Colonel B __ ‘Tis still his opinion that the quarrel can not be terminated without fighting, which the sooner it happens the better.

    Mr. C a captial N.E. merchant told but a few days past a friend of mine that the Ministry’s plan was a wise measure: If the principal Merchants trading to America are abettors of the Ministry, Men who as you justly observed ought to have America inscribed on their Carriages, Equipages, &c and gratitude on their Hearts! you need not be surprized that matters are carried with so high an hand. God grant they may meet with their just rewards; and I hope that those who have so barefacedly shipped for Boston at this time will not be overlooked by those who have it in their powers to resent it properly. From the several conversations I have had, I form my opinion that if the Americans should give up the points in dispute they will be despised not only by the Sons of Liberty every where, but by even the Ministerial hirelings, as numbers of them have acknowledged to me that they blame you not for endeavouring to prevent the imposition of unnecessary Taxes on you Three Millions and a half of free born Men cannot surely ever be brought to Submission by an handful of Mercenaries.