583 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston Jan. 26 176[8]1

    My Lord

    I have just now received the Duplicate of your Lordships Letter dated Oct: 6,2 the Original not being come to hand, as the Octr: Mail is not yet arrived. I am also indebted for your Lordships Letter dated July, 8, which did not arrive till Octr:10.3 I had deferred acknowledging the last mentioned, in Expectation that I did not should recieve some advises which might direct my Answer to Your Lordship; that but they are not arrived ^yet^ tho’ daily expected. However I have so many matters to write upon to your Lordship, that I shall begin now; And as my Subjects are various I shall digest them into separate letters; in which the preference will be due to that which is of the most public & interesting concern.

    Your Lordship4 observes that there is a strong Desire that America should become quiet, & that no disputes should arise between the Mother Country & its Colonies or between Governors & their Assemblies. I have had many hints & have given the utmost attention to them & pursued their purpose as far as I could do consistently with that Rule wisely laid down by Your Lordship that nothing should be given up on this Side the water Atlantick which is materially valuable on yours. To prevent disputes between the Mother Country & its Colonies must be the Work of Great Britain; No Man in the Colonies, not all the Governors in America, tho’ they could act with one Mind and with the best Understanding can of themselves bring about so desirable an Event. Upon this Subject I shall write to your Lordship by a seperate Letter.5

    The preventing Disputes between the Governors and their Assemblies is easily effected, at least will probably be soon brought about in this Province. I have shown the Assembly the natural and constitutional Power of a Governor here, whilst he keeps himself Blameless and is supported from home;6 And have falsified that prevailing Notion that a Governor of this Province cannot withstand a popular Clamour. Otis himself has given up the Question and says it is to no purpose any longer to oppose me: And some of his Colleagues have allready made peace with me. The Assembly has now sate7 a full Month & have not shown the least Intimation to Dispute; on the Contrary they have shown a good Disposition to avoid and to remove the Causes which have occasioned it before. So that it is probable that America may become apparently quiet notwithstanding their present pretensions. But, my Lord wounds may be skinned over without healing; and a Calm may be more dangerous than a Storm. It is my Opinion that Great Britain will never be safe till the Wounds are probed to the Bottom and a Remedy applied that will prevent the Return of the Disorder. This must be the work of Parliament, and tho more difficult than it was some Time ago, is still very practicable; in what Manner, I will explain in my Next

    I am &c

    Viscount Barrington

    L, LbC     BP, 6: 67-70.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 3.