Appendix 5


    Copy of a Letter from the Commissioners of the Customs at Boston to His Excellency Genl. Gage at New York, And to Col. Dalrymple at Halifax.


    Finding it utterly impossible to carry on the Business of the Revenue in the Town of Boston from the outragious behaviour of the People who grossly abused and wounded ^the Collector^ and Comptroller, and other Officers in the Execution of their Duty on the 10th. instant, and still continue to threaten their and our Lives; We took Shelter on Board His Majesty’s Ship Romney, and desired Captain Corner to put Us on Shore at Castle William, where we now are, and at our request Captain Corner will continue near to the Castle for our Protection.

    The ferment amongst the People has greatly encreased since the 10th. instant, and we are persuaded that their Leaders will urge them to the most violent Measures, even to an open Revolt, for one of their Demagogues in a Town Meeting yesterday, said, if they were called on to defend their Liberties and Privileges, he hoped and believed, they would one and all resist, even unto Blood.

    What Steps the Governor and Council may take we cannot tell, but having applied to them, we have received no Assurances of Protection, and we are persuaded the Governor will not apply for Troops without the Advice of his Council, which Measure We do not imagine they will recommend, and we now write, Sir, to acquaint your Excellency ^of^ the very alarming State of things at Boston, and leave it to your Judgement to act as you shall think proper for the Honour of the Crown and protection of its Servants here in the present Exigency.

    Castle William Boston Harbour 15 June 1768.

    Sent To His Excellency General Gage New York & To Col. Dalrymple at Halifax.

    L, Copy     T 1/465, ff 167-168.

    Endorsed: No 21. Copy. 15 June 1768. Copy of a Letter from the Commissioners of the Customs at Boston to General Gage at New York, and to Col. Dalrymple at Halifax. The version printed here is the copy sent to the Treasury enclosed in Appendix 6. The original RC is in MiU-C: Gage, vol. 78; another copy sent by Thomas Bradshaw at the Treasury to the secretary of state, on 22 Jul. 1768 is filed at CO 5/757, ff 217-218.