599 | From the American Board of Customs



    We have avoided representing to your Excellency the Apprehensions we have for sometime been under of Indignity being offered to his Majesty’s Commission, in which we have the Honour to act, but as an open Insult was this Morning offered to a Member of this Board and a principal Officer Acting under it, namely Mr Paxton1 and Mr Williams,2 by affixing Effigies said to represent them upon a Tree in this Town, and as the Alarm was given this Morning at Day break, by discharging of Guns, beating of Drums and hoisting Colours, We cannot help considering the Same as a presage of some open Acts of Violence whereby his Majesty’s Commission may be dishonoured, more especially as it has been currently reported for some time past that a Riot would happen on this Night.

    We therefore pray that your Excellency will be pleased to take such Measures as you may judge necessary to maintain the Peace of the Town and prevent any Outrage upon Ourselves or our Officers.

    Your Excellency will receive this Letter by Mr Wootton3 one of our Inspectors, who will inform you of an Insult he met with last night.4

    We remain &ca

    WB. HH. JT. CP. JR.5

    18th Mch 1768

    His Excellency Govr Bernard in Council

    L, Copy     T 1/465, f 28.

    Endorsed: Copy of a Letter to His Excellency Govr Bernard in Council Dated 18th. March 1768 From the Commrs of the Customs. Another copy at T 1/465, f 34.