634 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston June 18 1768

    My Lord

    I have just received your Lordships Letter dated April 16th, as I did that of Mar 10 in due Time,1 which I waited to acknowledge ’till this Mail come in.

    Your Lordship observes that Things are coming apace to a Crisis: I am sure they are with us; and I fear the Bostonians will get the Start of you. The Commissioners of the Customs and their Officers & the Officers of the Custom House are driven out of2 the Town allready, the latter not without wounds & bruises & a narrow escape with life. The Commissioners & their officers are on board the Romney man of war: they are going to the Castle to wait3 the Event of this, as soon as it shall be made defensible by the station of men of war about it. There are allready the Romney of 50 guns & the Beaver of 16: others are expected.4

    I am myself on better terms with the people, than usual. A Civil Treatment of a petition of the Town to me, a plain friendly answer thereto5 & some real Service by interposing with the man of war, have given me a little popularity.6 But it wont last a week: as soon as I have executed the orders I have just recieved from the Secretary of State,7 in the general Assembly, there will be an end of my popularity. And I dont know whether I shant be obliged to act like the Capt of a fireship, provide for my retreat before I light the fusee.8

    I shall send this by Mr Hallowell Controller of the Customs of this Port, who is sent home by the Commissioners upon this occasion. He will inform Your Lordship of all the particulars of the present transactions, as he has bore a great part in them. There seems at present determination to resist Great Britain, & preparations, I am told are made for it. We must wait for the Event.

    I am &c.

    The Right Honble The Lord Viscount Barrington.

    L, LbC     BP, 6: 123-124.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 3 except where noted. Dittography has been silently corrected. The RC was carried by Benjamin Hallowell, who left Boston on 20 Jun. on the Brig Nancy, Captain Brett.9