640 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston. June 29. 1768.

    My Lord

    I wrote to your Lordship a short Letter dated June 18, which went in the Care of Mr Hallowell.1 Since that I have informed the Assembly of the orders I have received to require them to rescind & disapprove some resolutions of the late House in the ^last^ Session, & on their refusal to dissolve them. It is certain they wont comply; in the mean time they are putting off giving their answers, & perhaps meditating some other Act as bad as that which they are required to rescind. I am not at present an object of resentment, altho I have been abused in a speech of Otis’s in common with the Government the Ministry, the parliament & the People of G Britain, & all persons in Authority on both sides the Water.2 But I apprehend that I shall be drove to execute my orders in a manner that may make me personally offensive. Besides, one do^es^ not know what effects the Dissolution of the Assembly may have among the People, nor what turn it may take.

    I therefore a good deal depend upon my obtaining leave of absence. I have not wrote to my Lord Hillsborough on this Subject: ever since my Correspondence has been opend with him I have had so many interesting Subjects to write upon, that I have not found room for myself. Besides, the Year has advanced so fast, that there is not Time left for me to recieve an Answer to a Letter wrote now, early enough to embark before the Winters sets in; tho I should venture much if I should meet with a good Ship, especially a Man of War. I must therefore rely upon what I have allready wrote & your Lordships kind offices therein.

    It seems to me that my going to England is quite necessary for the improvement of the good disposition of the Minister towards me. Without an interview, there will be no End of doubts & difficulties, especially as my Ideas of an advantageous settlement lay a great stress upon health & the means to preserve it, a good Climate. I also want ease & rest, having been greatly too much overworked for 3 Years past, & I begin to feel it. I had therefore rather return to my old Government of New Jersey with a Salary of 1500 £: a Year (no more than is allowed to the Government of Nova Scotia) than go to a Southern or West indian Government (Barbadoes excepted) of twice or thrice the value. And I should think this might be effected by advancing Govr. Franklin & allowing an additional Salary to that Government.3 As for my staying in this Government with an additional Salary, It would depend upon the treatment the People are to meet with here. If I was upon the spot where I could know what is to be done with this Goverment, I could quickly tell how advisable it would be for me to continue in it; & if I should be asked my opinion what should be done I might propose measures which would make my return to it by no means advisable. For tho’ I conform to the Constitution of the Government, as it is at present my Duty, yet I cant be blind to its defects & the ill consequences which proceed from thence; & if I am called upon I must speak out. Upon the whole my having leave to go to England seems to be the first step to be taken.

    June 30.

    I have this day recieved the answer of the House, wherein they refuse to comply with the terms of the Kings requisition in a manner which will give great offence at home. I am also abused by them, altho’ I have been meerly ministerial in this business.4 I have therefore prorogued them to day & shall dissolve them to morrow by proclamation. I expect great resentment from England against this Town & province, & that much confusion will arise here & perhaps there may be an actual insurrection. Upon these accounts Leave for me to go to England becomes more & more desirable. I write fully to my Lord Hillsborough, & upon that Account must shorten this as I must make up my packet for a Ship which is to sail to morrow.5

    I am with great &c

    The Right Honble The Lord Viscount Barrington.

    L, LbC     BP, 6 125-129.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 3. Minor emendations not shown.