665 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square Augt. 11th. 1768.

    Dear Sir,

    In my last Letter to you1 I made you an offer from Lord Hillsborough of the Lieut. Government of Virginia if it were agreable to you; but an Event has since happen’d which put an end to this Plan. The Representations of that Colony to the King and Parliament show such an alarming disposition there, that it was thought necessary a Governor and a man of great distinction should reside there. Sir Jeffery Amherst declining to go to America in that capacity, Lord Botetourt has been appointed in his room, a man every way fit for the business he has undertaken. I hope this will not prove a disappointment to you, and that some other advantagieous establishment will be found out for you in case Boston continues a disagreable Government, of which there is but too much appearance.2

    It is now evident to all the world that the Civil Magistrate in the Massachusets should be assisted by troops, in maintaining Peace & supporting Law. The Regiments in North America being thro’ a most fatal Policy dispersed so, as that no considerable number can be assembled, two Regiments are going from Ireland to that part of the world; but of this I need say no more, as your publick dispatches will fully apprize you of it.3

    I understand from Lord Hillsborough that in your dispatches you mention leaving your Government on account of health or something of that sort, but in the present juncture I am perswaded you will not stir from thence on any Account tho’ you have leave of absence. I know & lament the uneasyness of your situation and hope in God it will not long continue. I am with my best Compt to all my Cousins Dear Sir

    Your Excellency’s most faithful & obedt. Servant


    ALS, RC     BP, 11: 277-280.

    Endorsed: Lord Barrington d. Aug 13 1768 r. Oct 23. Variant in BP, 11: 281-284 (dupALS, RC).