613 | To John Pownall

    Boston May 17. 1768

    Dear Sr

    I hereby transmit the duplicates of the Acts passed last Session.1 I dont See any occasion for me to make observations upon any of them. The Liberty I take of rejecting Acts which are in any ways exceptionable makes this service less frequent than It has heretofore been.

    I also send you some copies of the proceedings of the Commissaries for Settling the Line between Our province & that of New York.2 I am to write upon this subject & intend to do it fully: but as We have no Agent,3 & the Meeting of the new Assembly is so near,4 I have thought fit to postpone it till We see what will [be]5 done in the appointment of an Agent. In the mean ^time^ I must beg that this Matter may not be brought upon the carpet untill We are ready for the support of our pretension;6 which is Nothing more than to have that Line established which was reported by the Lords of trade some years ago7 & has been acquiesced in by our province ever since. This I apprehend cannot well be done without a proper Agent, which may be appointed next Session & may not: for if an improper person should be chosen against the general opinion of the Council, I shall not consent to him. In such case We must make out our defence in the best manner We can.

    I am Sr Your most faithful & obedient Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    John Pownall Esqr Secretary &c.

    ALS, RC     CO 5/893, ff 54-55.

    Endorsed: Massachusets. Letter from Francis Bernard Esqr Govr. of Massachusets Bay, to The Secry, dated May 17. 1768, relative to Acts & to Commissaries for settling the boundary Line between that Province & New York Nn 17. Reced Read July 6th. 1768. 1 paper. Variant in BP, 6: 297-298 (L, LbC). Enclosures: A Conference between the Commissaries of Massachusetts-Bay and the Commissaries of New-York at New-Haven in the Colony of Connecticut, 1767 (printed by Richard Draper: Boston, 1768), CO 5/893, ff 56-75.