635 | Circular From the Earl of Hillsborough


    (No 11.)


    Whitehall 21st: June 1768


    It having been represented, that the General Instructions, given by His Majesty to the Governors of the American Colonies, have, from a Variation in the State and Circumstances of the said Colonies, become in many Parts improper and unnecessary, or inadequate to the Object of them; I have the King’s Commands to desire you will, with the greatest Attention and with all convenient Dispatch, consider those given to you for your Guidance and Direction in the Administration of the Government entrusted to your Care, and transmit to me, for His Majesty’s Information, such Observations as shall occur to you upon those Articles, which may in your Judgement require such Alteration or Addition as may have the Effect to improve His Majesty’s Interests and Revenue, add Strength and Dignity to His Majestys just Authority, promote the Welfare of the Colony, and give Facility to the Administration of Government, conformable to the Constitution, as it stands established by His Majesty’s Commission under the great Seal, and by such Laws as have been ratified by the Consent of the Crown.

    I am, with great Truth and Regard, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant


    Governor of the Massachusets Bay.

    dupLS, RC     BP 11: 201-204.

    Endorsed: No. 11 Duplicate circ: Earl of Hillsborough d June 21 1768 r Sep 30. Directg him to Send home Observs on his Instructions.1 The original RC has not been found. The duplicate may have been the letter that Gen. Thomas Gage mentions forwarding to FB under cover of his letter of 26 Sept. 1768, BP, 11: 311-314. FB received both the original principal and duplicate on 30 Sept.