Appendix 8


    New York June 25th 1768



    Should Governor Bernard find Occasion to make Application to you, for the Assistance of his Majesty’s Forces, you will immediately move with the Troops under your Command at Halifax, and proceed to Boston, or such other Place, as shall be pointed out to you by the Governor.—

    There is now at Halifax, one entire Regiment, and five Companies of another, and if you have Time to put the Orders in execution, which are transmitted to you, concerning the withdrawing the Troops from Louisbourg, St: Johns Island, and Fort Frederick,1 before any Requisition is made for the Aid of the King’s Forces; you will then have under your Command, and ready for immediate Service, a number of Troops equal to two Regiments, and three Companys. You will embark therefore, if your Assistance is required, with the Whole, or any Part of those Troops, as Governor Bernard shall demand, and if the Governor should be of Opinion, that it wou’d be requisite you should bring Artillery with you, the Detachment of the Royal Regiment of Artillery at Halifax, will be embarked at the same time, with such a Number of Pieces of Artillery, as they shall be Able to manage. You will pay no Regard, in effecting this Service, to the leaving Halifax without Troops: it will be sufficient, that you leave there one Company, or a Detachment equal to a Company.

    As it is probable, the Assistance of the Commodore, would at the same Time be required, he will facilitate the Embarkation of the Troops, by taking them on board the King’s Ships: But in every Case, you may depend upon the Aid in his Power to give you.

    I am with great Regard, Sir, Your most obedient Humble Servant

    (Signed) Thos: Gage

    Lieut. Colo: Dalrymple 14th: Regt: Officer Commg: his Majs: Forces. Nova Scotia at Halifax.

    L, Copy     CO 5/86, f 138.

    Endorsed: [_ _ _]2 Gage to Lieut: Colo: Dalrymple 14th: Regt: or Officer Commandg: his Majs: Forces in Nova Scotia at Halifax. Date New York June 25th 1768. Inclosed in a Letter directed to His Excellency Govr: Bernard at Boston. In Genl: Gage’s (No 6) of 28th June 1768. (5). The original set of orders that Gage prepared for Dalrymple was sealed and enclosed in No. 639, for transmission to Dalrymple as and when FB chose. Gage apparently did not communicate the orders separately to Dalrymple, leaving that decision to FB. FB thought he knew what these orders amounted to, though he would never have broken the seal to read them. He forwarded them to Dalrymple on 3 Jul., under cover of No. 642, wrongly assuming that Gage was ordering Dalrymple to send troops to Boston. The version printed here was a copy that Gage sent to the secretary of state. There is also an AC in MiU-C: Gage, vol. 78.